Is JAMB Examination Difficult Or Easy? 

Yeah, that is another hot question every JAMB candidate wants an answer to. Everybody wants to know is JAMB examination is too difficult or too easy to pass. Well, if you really want an answer to that question, then i advise you read this post painstakingly, because I am going to give an explicit answer to that question right now. 

Meanwhile, before i answer that question, i did like to give you 3 information about JAMB examination. These information have the looked down on by many past JAMB candidates, and as a result of that, they end up failing. The information below will also help you to understand my answer to the above question eventually.

  1. First, JAMB is a Computer Based Examination (CBT) examination. And as such, you must not prepare for it the same way you prepare for WAEC examination, or any other examination.
  2. JAMB has its own special syllabus, and recommended textbooks, which is pertinent for every jamb candidate to ensure success in the examination.
  3. Candidates who intend to pass JAMB examination must at one time, practice with mobile apps or CBT applications so that they can pass Jamb examination.

Okay, i now give you an answer to the above question.


JAMB examination is not difficult. Yes, it is not difficult at all. In fact, it is one of the easiest examination to take in Nigeria. I know  you may not understand why i said so, or probably, you may doubt my stands. But it is just fact.

Now here is the logic, JAMB examination is easy, but candidates who do not know the basic guides to pass the examination, always complain that the exam is difficult. JAMB examination will be the easiest, if you know the basic guides to follow for a success. And some of those guides have been highlighted above. I have always told my students, that JAMB is not about how hard you read for the exam, but how smart you read. It all depends on your smart work, and just reading and reading and reading.

From the forgoing, i have asserted that JAMB examination is easy, but that is only if you prepare properly and smartly for the examination. You can read other guides on how to prepare for JAMB examination here.

Okay, hope I have given an explicit answer to that question? Don't forget to share this information with everyone, and let them know that JAMB examination is easy and not difficult.