When is Held WAEC results going to be released?

This is apparently one of the most striking question in the minds of many student now. First, i must say it is quite unfortunate that after writing WAEC examination, the results of some were HELD by WAEC. I am very sure that these students whose results were held are traumatised at this moment, and it is to tide them over that i made this post. 

Now, if your WAEC result is written HELD, then note that a malpractice report was filed against you or your examination centre on the examination hall or probably from the marking venue.

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According to WAEC, all Held results is likely to be released in November, 2018, after which the Nigerian Examinations Committee (NEC), must have concluded its meeting on the results.

When is held WAEC results going to be released

It is also pertinent to note; as i have stated earlier, that these results are likely to be released. That means there is every tendency that they will not be released at all. It is depending on the out come to the impending meeting of the Nigerian Examinations Committee (NEC).