The library is obviously not what it is known to be anymore. It is unlike before, when all you could find in the library is books and nothing else. The modern day library is a collection of both book and other non-book materials, all with the aim of improving learning and providing information for users. 

In this article, I am going to highlight some of the essential things you will find in the modern day library; that helps to improve learning and researching. Thus, i advise you read painstakingly, as i will tide you over.


The modern day library is made up of Book and Non-Book Materials. Book materials found in the library include:

  1. Textbooks
  2. Dictionaries
  3. Newspapers
  4. Journals/Magazines
Non-book materials include:

  1. Camcorder
  2. Braille
  3. Flash drive
  4. CD-ROMs
In other to help you understand the uses of the above library materials, i will explain them below.

Textbooks are specifically written according to areas of specialisation of different authors. Textbooks contains information which are instructive enough to guide the mind of researchers in solving questions which are related to that particular area.

Dictionary is one of the important book material found in the library. Dictionary provide the meaning of words and phrases to the library user.

Newspapers are also useful to the library user. It provides information on current happenings in the country.

Journals provide information on specific areas of education. They serve as pathway for researchers as they also provide current information to readers. 

Below are non-book materials that can be found in the library:

It is one of the Non-book materials found in the library. A camcorder is a video camera which records continuously, pictures and generates a signal for display or recording.

This is another superb non-book material often found in the library. Braille is a technique for enabling blind and visually impaired Students to read and write.

A flash drive is a storage device that is used to store files that may not be found as a book in the library. A flash drive is one of the non-book materials in the library.

  • CD-ROMs
The Read Only Memory (ROM), is a version of the CD that allows information to the stored and retrieved in the memory. CD-ROMs are also very essential non-book materials in the library.

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Yes! those are some of the things you will find in the library that helps to improve research and learning. Like i have stated before, the library of this modern day is not what it is known to be again. Today, libraries have been customised in such a way that they will suit their users.