Entering my classroom yesterday, i couldn't bear the noise making from my fellow classmates. When i managed to ask what the problem was, i understood that the class was on a hot argument. The argument was whether lawyers are truly liars, as people prevalently call them. For me, this general notion about lawyers is actually true; and there is a reason for it.

Today, i will briefly discuss the reason why lawyers are generally referred to, or called liars. But before then, I would like to define who a lawyer is, so i can carry all my readers along in this article.

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According to the English Oxford dictionary, a lawyer is a person who practices law. Though, the kind of lawyer used in the sense of this article, is that type of lawyer that is called a solicitor. A solicitor is a lawyer who is qualified to deal with properties, wills, advise and represent clients in the court.


The reason why lawyers are called liars, or refereed to as lawyers is because they owe an unalloyed dedication and commitment to their clients case. This duty of a lawyer is often done without minding whether or not, their client is on the wrong side. For instance, in Rule 14 of the Legal Practitioners Act (Nigeria), a layer must be dedicated to the case of his client, and must put all efforts to see that the case of his client succeeds. 

Meanwhile, that doesn't totally adduce that all lawyers are actually liars, because it is possible that there are some legal practitioners or layers who will not want to tell a lie at all. Such lawyers will always want to stand for the truth. However, it is very difficult, if not totally impossible to find such kind of lawyer today. And because of that, people referee to lawyers in general as liars.

In conclusion, I sincerely believe you now know the reason why lawyers are prevalently referred to, or called liars. I also believe you noted that it is very possible that there are lawyer who does not lie at all. Yes, there probably is.

Hope this was helpful?