Yes!, it is truism that no course is actually easy to study in Nigeria. But that does not also overrule the fact that some courses are easier and less competitive than others. Coupled to this, it is also pertinent to note that some easy and less competitive courses in Nigeria, are even very lucrative and fascinating. Thus, it not totally true that a less competitive course in Nigeria; pay lesser than others. 
Easiest Courses To Study In The University
That notwithstanding, in today's article, I will be discussing 11 easy and less competitive courses in Nigeria for students who are searching for a less competitive, easy and lucrative course to study in Nigerian university.

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Below are the easiest courses to study in the university:

  1. Plant Science
  2. Zoology
  3. Library 
  4. Geology
  5. Sociology
  6. Mass communication
  7. Fisheries Forestry And Wildlife
  8. Political science
  9. Public Administration
  10. Languages
  11. Biochemistry
It is not good that i only list these courses without explaining them. So, in other to give a clearer view of the divergent courses listed above, i will comprehensively explain each of them below.

  • Plant science: Plant science is one of the most easiest courses to study in the university. It is also a less competitive course too. Plant science is simply the study of plants. It is quite clear that no body in Nigeria wants to enrol in the filed of agriculture (I.e plant production to be precise). This is why the course has been sidestepped by many students. The courses is very easy to study. It is also a very lucrative course, when put into practice. Especially, in Nigeria where there is a dearth of farmers.
  • Zoology: On hearing this course, many university aspirants and students run away. They say it is only for people who want to work in the zoo. Well, that is true to some extent, but not totally true. Zoology is a very lucrative course in Nigeria. It is also very easy to gain admission into the university if you want to study this course, since there are no much students studying it. 
  • Library: Library is another easy and less competitive course that can fetch you good money after graduation. Note that a librarian is not just the person working in your little school library. There are some bigger libraries that pay their librarians very well. Examples are;  national libraries, University libraries and more. Thus, it wrong to refer to all Liberians as low earners, because some of them earn more than even a lawyer.
  • Geology: Geology is another superb, less competitive and easy course to study in university. This is apparently because many aspirants assume that it is not lucrative and highly respected in the country. Nevertheless, it still remain one of the best courses for students who want a less difficult course they can study in the Nigerian university.
  • Sociology: Sociology is the scientific study of society, patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture. In Nigeria, Sociology is a very easy course to study. It a less competitive and a stupendous course for students searching for a less difficult course to study.
  • Mass communication: No doubt, Mass communication is a very lucrative and easy course in Nigeria. It has to do with publication and information dissemination. Mass communication in Nigeria is a perfect idea for students who want to end up working in any prestigious medial companies in Nigeria. 
  • Fisheries Forestry And Wildlife: This is another easy course to study in Nigeria. It is less competitive and lucrative too. By studying this course, you will become an expert in the management and production of aquatic animals, forest management and others. Believe me, this courses is really a good one for students who want an easy and lucrative course to study in the university.
  • Political science: This is apparently an easy course to study in the university. In Nigeria today, political science is a superb course to study, as it will provide you with everything you need to become a great politician. I don't even want to  talk about its lucrative nature, because i believe you know how much members of the Nigerian house of assembly are paid every month. No doubt, political science is a perfect choice to study in the university.
  • Public Administration: Public administration is closely related to the study of political science. It is a very easy and very lucrative course to study in the university. Public administration is an academic discipline that studies this implementation and prepares civil servants for working in the public service. As a public administrator, you can work as a civil servant in Nigeria.
  • Languages:  My mom got so mad at me when i told her that i wanted to study Igbo language. To her, studying languages is totally of no use. That is the conventional view every Nigerian has. But it will surprise you to know that language is a very lucrative course in Nigeria. Experts in this field of study can work as an ambassadors, since they are vast in speaking different kinds of languages, and will be able to communicate fluently.
  • Biochemistry: Biochemistry is another easy courses you can study in every Nigerian university. Biochemistry has to do with the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. Biochemistry is sometimes called biological chemistry. No doubt, this courses is very easy to study in the university. It is also a lucrative one too.

Okay, the above are the easiest courses to study in Nigerian university. They are also the easiest courses for gaining admission into the university. It is worthwhile to note that these courses were not just fabricated. They have been assiduously analyzed, and have been ratified as easy courses before they were listed here.