Addiction to the use of phone is prevalent among youths and children today. It has contributed enormously to their failure in education, reasoning, social life and more. Over the years, addiction to the use of smart phones has grown to the extent that it is deemed insuperable. It has succeeded in destroying the lives of many students, youths and children.

Nevertheless, having made so much research and questioning on this problem, I have been able to pen down some tentative ways to put an end to this problem amongst youths and children. Thus, if you are searching for a working technique to stop your addiction to the use of mobile phones, this article will tide you over. But first, lets define our key terms.


Addiction is the act of being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically and physically habit forming.


From the above definition of addiction, a person is said to have been addicted to the use of mobile phone when he/she is abnormally dependent on the use of his/her phone, such that it affects other facets of the persons life.


Bellow are the ways to stop addiction to the use of phone:
  • Get a phone without internet connection.
  • Set a time to use your phone.
  • Turn off your notification.
  • Clear all social media and gaming application.
  • Keep Your Phone Far From You.
  • Get yourself busy.
  • Pray to God for help.

These points will be explicitly discussed below, for a clearer and better understanding of them.

 1. Get A Phone Without Internet Connection

Using a phone without internet connection is a superb way to demise mobile phone addiction. No doubt, it is also one of the most tentative ways to curb phone addiction. The kinds of phone that exist today, are almost human beings. They do everything you want them to do (only with an internet connection). This is apparently the reason why many people find it difficult to do away with their phones. Thus, getting a phone without internet connection will go a long way to reduce, if no totally demise this problem. It will help stop mobile phone addiction.

 2.  Set A Particular Time To Use Your Phone:

One tentative way to stop phone addiction is by setting a particular time to use your phone. This will help you create time for every other thing, and reduce the time you spend on your phone everyday. For instance, you can choose to only use your phone from 9am to 9:45am and switch it off after that time. If there should be any call that must be made, it should be done within the time you stipulated for using of phone. This will go a long way in helping you reduce or totally stop phone addiction.

 3. Turn Off Your Notification

Another working step to stop mobile phone addiction is to turn off your notification. Notifications are sometimes the reason why some people spend much of their time with their phone. When they receive hot and fascinating notifications from Facebook, Google and Twitter, they find very difficult to let go the phone until they read or view the messages sent to them. Sometimes when these notifications don't stop coming, they keep on reading and viewing until they must have spent up to 4 to 6hours using their phones. So, to stop phone addiction, you must turn off your phone notification.

 4.  Clear All Social Media And Gaming Application

If you really do want to stop your addiction to phone, then you have to clear up all social media and gaming applications on your phone. Research has shown that most people who have smart phones in the world, spend much of their time on social media and gaming apps. Thus, deleting those applications will go a long way in curbing this addiction. It will vastly reduce the number of times you use your phone everyday.

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 5. Keep Your Phone Far From You

More often than not, those people who are addicted to their phones, can't stand not using their phone when it is with them. In this case, the way out will be to keep the phone far from you for sometime, in other to get accustomed to staying without your phone for sometime. You can decide to give it out to a friend or probably to your parents, ordering them not to give it back to you until a stipulated time. This will also go a long way in reducing mobile phone addiction to youths and children.

 6. Get Yourself Busy

Many a time, addiction to the use of phone get worsen when one is less busy or jobless. When one is less busy he seem to resort to his phone for leisure. This is not actually bad. However, the continuing of this, will increase or worsen ones addiction to the use of mobile phones. Thus, it is important to note that not being busy or being jobless is a strong drive to mobile phone addiction, which must be absolutely evaded to curb phone addiction.

 7. Pray To God For Help

In cases where the above points seems to be futile, you have to pray to God for help. Some people have gotten so addicted to their phones to be point that they can't control it. In fact, the only time you see them without their phone is when it is shut down. Phone addiction to some people have gotten to the apex of it. It will only take a good prayer to God to break through this kind of addiction. This point is very essential.

By way of conclusion, it is pertinent to know that these tips may not be totally effective without determination. Especially, when your own case is extremely bad. It is determination that gives you the vibe to make them pragmatic. Thus, it is right to say that determination is also key to stop being addicted to your smartphone. Hope this was helpful?