For the purpose of improving learning and fostering relentless reading among students, (one of the top education websites in Nigeria), has initiated an online quiz platform which will hold every Friday of the week (beginning from tomorrow).

Students will be asked 5 questions in every quiz day, and the first student who is able to get the questions right, will be entitled to a N200 recharge card of his/her choice. Coupled to this, the name of winner will have his/her name published in the website.

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  • Only subjective questions will be asked.
  • One Mathematical and English question will be asked in every quiz.
  • Other questions will be asked from current affairs and puzzles. 


  • Everybody is eligible to participate in this quiz. All that is required, is to comment your answers (together with your tell phone number and Network) using the comment box of the post. 
  • Questions will be published at exactly 8:00pm every Friday and contestants must give their answers before 8:30pm that day.
  • The winner must get all the five questions right. In addition to this, he/she must be the first person to get it right.
  • Participants are required to add their Tel Phone number and network, in other to enable us send the price to the winner.
  • Winner will get his/her price that same day. 
It is worthwhile to note that the aim of this ideal exercise is to consolidate learning and compel students to read relentlessly. Learnersinfo online quiz is free to everyone. The educative website is an ideal place for education News, learning and tutoring.

If you have any question as regards this quiz, please do well to ask using the comment box below.