The word Library is derived from the Latin word "Liber", which simply means Book. A Library is defined as a building or room containing a collection of books and periodicals for the use of members of the public or members of an institution. The importance of a library in every school, can not be overemphasized as it will help to facilitate learning amongst students. It is pertinent to note that a library is not just a collection of books alone. Most of the libraries in this contemporary time, contain other collections such as films and recordings, kept for research or borrow.

Nonetheless, today i will discuss extensively, the divergent importance of a school library to students. So, if you really want to know the importance of a library to a student, then you have no problem reading this.


Below are the importance of library to students:

  1. For research purpose
  2. Promotion of enlightenment and leisure
  3. Development of study skills
  4. Current awareness service
  5. Inculcating of reading habit
  6. Equal access to books

Okay, these divergent importance of a library to a student will be vividly discussed below, for a better understanding of them. 

 1. For research purpose

One of the key importance of every library is for research purpose. This is the main reason why libraries are established in almost every institution in the world. Many a time, students come across some academic problems which without a thorough research, they will not be able to find answers to.

This is where the library becomes pertinent. Library provide students with the needed materials to do their researches. It serve as an information source for students, and every member of an institution.

2. Promotion of enlightenment and leisure

A library also serve as a facilitator of enlightenment and leisure amounts students. A library is not only a place for research and reading, it can also serve as a place for leisure. There are some library material that can be used for leisure. For example: Video tapes, Journals, magazines etc. 

More so, reading of library materials also serve as enlightenment to many students and teachers. It is an eyeopener for students to learn various things, which they probably deemed impossible, through its superb collections.

 3. Development of study skill

The library is also a means through which one can develop his/her study skill. This is, in fact, one of the most fundamental reason why libraries are established. It provides students with everything that is needed for study, and help in inculcating the necessary skills they need to develop.

Research has shown that schools with good library tend to be more populated by intelligent students. This fact is uncontestable, as those students are much more exposed to good study resources.

4. Current awareness service

The library is another great source for latest happenings in every field of study. This is made possible by the availability of resources like journals, periodicals and magazines. A library can also be referred to as an awareness center, as they help in creating awareness amongst students and teachers about the current stand of some educational concepts.

For this reason, every student is advised to incessantly visit the library anytime they are in search of any information in their field of study.

 5. Inculcating of reading habit

Library also tend to inculcate reading habit amongst students through its stupendous collections. During my secondary school education, it was difficult to come to my school library, and not find me reading. At first i heated reading books, but my consistent visit to the school library inculcated that habit.

When students constantly visit the library, it gradually inspires them through it study materials, to continue coming to the library, as they will always find new things when they do.

 6. Equal access to materials

While some students can easily go to the market to buy books because they have the money to do so, some students cannot. As such, they are restricted to some academic resources. It is with the aim to solve this problem that libraries were built in schools. To provide an equal access to books and materials in school for students who are unable to get them.

Today, a student of any school can easily enter his/her school library to read any material in it, without being asked for money in exchange. Thus, it is right to say that a library provides equal access to academic books for every student.

Final words

A library is one of the most important place every student must visit to foster learning and thorough reading as highlighted in the points above. On this ground, it is important that every academic institution in the world, establish a school Library, as it has been shown to be a great contributor to the development of the standard of education.