People often find it debilitating to conceive the list of best bloggers in Nigeria, as there are so many people who enroll into the blogosphere everyday and night. Currently, there are about 2000 persons who blog in Nigeria. While some bloggers find the job lucrative and fascinating, some will assert that it is difficult and time consuming.
However, even among this terrifying number of bloggers, there are still some who are very well noted for their good and outstanding works in the net. In this article, I will be making the list of best bloggers in Nigeria (2018).

Best 11 Bloggers In Nigeria (2018)

Below is the list of best bloggers in Nigeria (2018).
  1. Linda Ikeji
  2. Noble Igwe.
  3. Jide Ogunsanya.
  4. Ladun Liadi (Oladunni).
  5. Loy Okezie.
  6. Stella Dimoko korkus.
  7. Kemi Filani.
  8. Onibalusi Bamidele.
  9. Chude Jideonwo.
  10. Makinde Azeez.
  11. Edeh Samuel.

Above is the list of the best 11 bloggers in Nigeria (2018). However, in other to make this list substantiating, i will discuss each of the bloggers listed above. So let's get started.


You can not possibly mention bloggers in Nigeria, without putting Linda Ikeji in first place. Linda is the most successful blogger ever recorded in Nigeria. She enrolled into blogging in 2006 with her blog name; and since then, her blog has remained insuperable in Nigeria.

Even till now, linda Ikeji's blog still have a significant position in list of best websites in Nigeria. No doubt, Linda is indeed Nigerian's legendary blogger. 


Noble igwe is another stupendous blogger in Nigeria. He is an entertainment blogger and an ardent lover of music. Noble was one of those persons in Nigeria, who first enrolled blogging. 

Believe me, Noble is superb. His blog (, is very noted in Nigerian. Noble has successfully transported the Nigeria entertainment industry to a very high level. 


Jide is another blogger with profound prestige in the Nigerian blogosphere. Jide's blog has existed for a very long time in Nigeria, and for sure; it has been doing well.   

Jide is the owner and CEO of the great He studied in the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU). Jide has won so many awards through his website. Coupled to this, he has benefited greatly from his website. Indeed, Jide is a great blogger in Nigeria.


Ladun Liadi is the founder and funder of She is also one of the best bloggers in Nigeria. She is very prestigious and known for her frequent disseminating of news updates to her visitors.

Ladun blogs on trending Nigerian gist, politics, celebrities, wedding and lots more. She is one of the leading entertainment and news blogger in Nigeria.


Just like Jide Ogunsanya, Loy Okezie is another great Tech blogger in Nigeria. Loy is the owner and founder of Techloy is one of the most fastest growing site for technology in Nigeria. 

Loy has earned for himself soo much respect and honor through his stupendous Tech site. Today, it is one of the top Nigerian site (according to No doubt, Loy Okezie deserves some accolade.


Stella Dimoko is one of the best bloggers in Nigeria. She is the woman behind Her blog is very fascinating and entertaining. She blogs on politics, celebrity gist, news and lots more.

Stella's blog is one of the most visited blogs in Nigeria. She has a very high position in Alexa ranking. Believe me, Stella Dimoko is a great one. I think she is a blogging guru.


Kemi Filani is a news blogger in Nigeria. He is one of the best bloggers you can ever think on in Nigeria. He is the man behind the fascinating

Kemi Fulani's blog is one of the fastest growing blogs in Nigeria. It is a blog for everyone. Kemi's blog is noted for it's captivating titles and update on Nigerian news. Kemi is indeed one of the best bloggers in Nigeria.


There is probably nobody who has not visited Onibalusi's blog in Nigeria. He was ones featured in Digital Journal, Forbes, Millionaire Magazine and others. Onibalusi's blog has earned him so much cash within the last few years his blog ( existed.

Bamidele is also a freelance writer, who has been writing for a living since 2010. His goal for creating is to make writers in Nigeria, in charge and not their clients. He is an exceptional blogger.


This list wouldn't have been complete without the name of this great blogger. Chude is also one of the best bloggers in Nigeria. He is a 33years old blogger. He is known for his awesome style of blogging. Chude is the man behind

It will interest you to know that Chude is also a lawyer, media entrepreneur and equally a journalist. He is the founder of Joy, Inc.


There is probably no lover of music in Nigeria, who has not visited the great blog of Makinde Azeez. Just like Noble, Makinde has also contributed vastly to the growth and development of the Nigeria Music Industry. Makinde Azeez is the owner of the popular website;

Makinde decided to blog on the Music Niche, because he loves music. Through his blog, latest Nigerian hit songs are disseminated both nationally and internationally 


Edeh Samuel is the founder and funder of He has one of the most biggest education blogs in Nigeria. Samuel started blogging in 2018. For the short time he has been in the blogosphere, he has earn himself good prestige in Nigeria.

Samuel Edeh is equally a Law Student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). He has contributed greatly to the education system of Nigeria. No doubt, Samuel is a good one too.

Okay, now you have the list of the best bloggers in Nigeria (2018). Believe me, this list is not just fabricated, it was made after an assiduous research and review. Hope this will tide over the problem, as to who are the best Nigerian bloggers.