I am sure many students have anticipated this hour. Eventually, it is 8:00PM, and without wasting much of our time, i will go straight to today's quiz.
Learnersinfo Online Quiz For students


Any person who emerges winner in this quiz, will be entitled to a N200 Recharge Card of his/her choice.
NOTICE:Before answering these questions, it is pertinent that you read all the rules and regulations associated with this quiz HERE!

here we go!!

 1.  Who was the first man to be at the moon?

 2.  What 3 positive numbers give the same result when multiplied and added together?16

 3. What's the angle between a clock's minute hand and hour hand at a quarter past three?

 4. When was the first military coup carried out in Nigeria?

 5. Universal Adult Suffrage means all except   ............

a. Adult citizens can vote
b. Citizens vote
c. Qualified citizens can vote
d. Literate citizens can vote
e. Adult males can vote

Okay, your time starts now!!. Note that the aim of this ideal exercise is to consolidate learning among students, and to compel them to read relentlessly. Please do make sure you adhere to all the rules of this quiz, as that will be the only way to be a winner in the quiz.

Winner will be announced at 10:00PM Today.