The importance of the UNN student Email cannot be overemphasised, as is does not only serve as a medium through which the university disseminate school news to students. The UNN student Email is also used to make job opportunities all over the country known to interested students. 

However, many students have complained that they are unable to use their Emails, owning to the fact that setting it up is a little bit complicated. But that notwithstanding, in today's article, I will analytically tutor you on how to use your UNN student Email. So, lets get started!

How To Use Your UNN Student Email

 1. Go to ICT centre in any of the university campus you are and request for your student email address.

Note: You will be asked to provide your Reg. No, Full Name, Faculty/Department and probably your telephone number.

When they are done, your Email is going to be in this format 


With a default password START12345

 2.  Visit your Gmail account and add another account, or simply click the direct link below:

Please make sure no other google account is logged in on your browser.
 3. You will be taking to another page, where google will ask you to input your email. Type in the Email you were giving correct.

 4.  Input your password ( I.e START12345 by default).
How To Activate UNN Email

 5. Now, you will be asked to change your student Email password to your own choice of password. Use any password you want and click on SEND. 
Please, ensure you change your password, to avoid being impersonated by fraudsters.
Yes, that is all. Your UNN student Email must have been successfully lunched. So, you can now receive relevant news directly from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Like I said before, the UNN student Email has so many advantages. Some of which are:

 1. It informs you about the latest UNN News.
 2. It informs you about Scholarship programs for students.
 3. It allows you to send messages directly to the University.
 4. Your UNN student Email can be used to open a blogspot blog for you, and many more.

I advise you start using your email today, because it is one of the prefect ways through which the university disseminate authentic information.