Many a time, people have approached me, seeking to know how they can hide or make their phone number hidden when they make a call. Today, I have decided to shear this trick with every member of this website. Thus, if you want to make your telephone number hidden when you call someone, then you have no problem reading this tutorial.

Note that this trick is not fabricated, it has been tested, and has been proven to be efficacious. So, you need not to fear whether it will work or not. 

So let's get going!

How To Make Your Number Unknown When You Call Someone

To make you phone number unknown when you call someone, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial #31# follow by the person's number in your phone

  2. Press the send button. After doing this, your number will automatically turn out to be an unknown number in the persons telephone. 

Yes, that is all. You can try this on any type of mobile phone you want. It works in all telephone. However, there is also another trick you can use to view a hidden number. 

For instance, a person calls you using the trick above, and you want to know who that person is, you can do that using the steps below.

How To View An Unknown Or Private Number That Called You.

  1. Dial *#30# (immediately after the person called you) with that same phone.

  2. Wait for about 24 hours, and repeat step one another the number will appear in your screen.
Okay, that is all you have to know about making your phone number unknown and viewing unknown or hidden phone numbers. Hope this helps you, thanks.