Students often find it very difficult to excel academically when they get to the university. This is because the university is apparently different from what they use to have in their primary and secondary schools. Coupled to this, they tend to be even more independent in the university than they were before. Thus, many ambitious students have seek to lay their hands on guides that will help them excel, or perhaps make a first class in the university

As regards to this, i will be shearing with you the ultimate guild to make a first class in the university. It will also interest you to know that these guilds were not just guessed out, they have tested by many students, and have been proven to be tentative. 
How To Make A First Class In the University

First, it is worthwhile to know that your struggle for a first class in the university, should start the same day you attended your first lecture (your first day in school). Yes, no doubt about that. If you must graduate as a first class, you must start building up your result as early as the first day you stepped your foot in the university. Failing to do this may totally jeopardise your chance of success in the university, or make it totally impossible to make a first class in the university. On this note, it is important that you start being a workaholic, so as you get your self ready for the task.
  •  Be Determined
There can not be a success, without a driving force to instigate it. Making a first class is apparently not an easy job. It takes only a determined student to make a first class. This is why students who graduate as first class are often times, more respected by the populace than others students. 

The journey isn't an easy one for sure, but with your determination and enthusiasm, it becomes more easier and straight forward. You have to promise yourself not to get distracted by any factor. And by being determined, you will find it very easy to employ other points mention below. In fact, you are already halfway your first class dream. 
  •  Draw Your Success Plan 
Next, is to draw your success plan. Drawing a success plan do not necessarily mean you should pick up a pen and book to sketch your success. It means that you should have a coherent and consistent plan to become a first class student. Obviously, a thief can not set out at night without having a plan. So also a student cannot make a first class without first and foremost, having a plan to guide him/her.

Having a plan helps a lot. Apart from the fact that it guilds you on the way to achieving your success, it also compels you to keep working relentlessly to achieve your aim. Thus, it is correct to say that making or drawing a success plan is very pivotal to make a first class in the university.
  • Study relentlessly
The feasible aspect begins here! To make a first class in the university, you must be prepared for a voracious and relentless reading. Like I have said before, you must be very prepared to be a workaholic and not just being a workaholic, a relentless one too. Of course, the university is a place of so much distractions. Sometimes you want to totally run away from them, but they still keep coming. 

Well, they all contribute to the reason why students who made first class in the university are very much respected. So, to make a first class you must read voraciously, and must also be able to circumvent distractions when they come. 
  •  Balance Your Living 
Even though i mentioned that a relentless and voracious reading is needed to make a first class in the university. It is also important that you don't sidestep the advantages of a balanced life. 

When I newly enrolled into the university, I had a friend who will wake up early in the morning, and will read his book till it was late. The truth is that, he did benefited from it at first, but as time went on, he became traumatised because he was seldom jovial with others. All he did was reading.

What this didactic story should teach you, is that living a balanced life is also very important to make a first class in the university. You should be able to communicate, associate and do other activities because they are all part of learning. Do not say because you are aiming for a first class, so you shouldn't do any other thing. However, you should also remember that studying is your primary purpose.
  •  Attend Lectures Persistently
This is another point many students still don't get right. There are so many things you can benefit from just attending lectures that you won't get by just reading books. The truth is that, if there was no importance of having a lecture, then your lectures would have just give you  a note, and ask you to read it. But for them to come to the classroom/lecture room, then there is obviously something they want you to know, that are not in your notebooks. 

The importance of attending lectures, and equally paying attention during lectures cannot be overemphasised, as it contributes in the struggle of making a first class in the university. Thus, it is also worthwhile that you attend lectures; and pay attention in classes, because it is core to make a first class in the university.
  •  Take Examinations Serious
If you must excel in the university, or perhaps make a first class in the university, then you must not take your exams/tests trivial. The reason is because, it is only through what you pen down in your examination, that your hard work can be shown.

Every examination you take in the university contributes to your result; and will also determine if you are really going to make a first class or note. So, if you are not serious with your examinations, it is likely that you will have to remain in the university repeating courses. At that time, being a first class student will turn out to be an illusion.
  •   Join Educative group discussion
Though subject to the kind person employing it, joining educative group discussion is another awesome way to learn; and to teach others. I have met with students who seldom read their books, but always want to learn through discussion groups. Joining educative discussion groups have been one of the cogent ways to learn. Reason because, it is very much easier to remember what is learned in a discussion with friends or classmates, than remembering what is thought in the classroom. Students who are aware of this, have long device it, and some have not. However, like i have said before, this might not be a comfortable idea to some students. So, to make a first class, and excel in the university, you might need a study or educative group. 

On a closing note, it must also be noted that apart from determination, reading, examinations, a balanced life and a study group, the assistance of the Almighty God is also needed to make a first class in the university, and as such, it is also good that you put God first in everything you do. 

I hope this helps you in your education pursuit? Thank you.