When Is 2018 WAEC Results Coming out?

This is one of the most prevalent question asked by WAEC candidates, after they have finished writing their examination. Well, if you just finished your exams, I advise you just relax. Because your results will be released soon. It will be released even before university admission process begins. So, you have no course to panic.

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Now, to clear you on this question, WAEC results often take about 60 to 70 days after the examination is concluded, to be released. However, in 2017, the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC), made it known to the general public that the examination will be out at exactly 60 days after the exams, and it was so. Invariably, the results for the examination was out after two months the examination was conducted.

Hopefully, in this year, WAEC will release candidates result 60 days after the exam, or probably before 60 days. But whichever way it may, anticipating should be two months after the examination was concluded. So, that is it. I hope this answers your question.