Okay, you have written JAMB examination, but you are not sure of gaining admission because of your low score. Perhaps, you think that your chance of admission for the year has been jeopardised because there is no other way you can possibly gain admission with your low score. However, this article is going to be an eyeopener, as i am going to discuss in detail, Four things to do if you have a low JAMB score. So, I advise you keep reading, as I tide you over.

What To Do If You Have A Low JAMB Score To Gain Admission

  1. Apply For A Change Of Course

  2. One way to gain admission even with very low JAMB score is through a change of course. Change of course forms are often sold to aspirants who are unable to gain admission with low JAMB score. Though, in the form, an aspirant is expected to change his choice of course to something else. 

    Universities in Nigeria often sell their change of course form after they must have released all their admission lists for the year. However, some universities can do it at anytime. So, if you have been scared of your chance of gaining admission into the university with a low JAMB score, then you shouldn't panic at all. Just make sure you get the change of course form as soon as it is out on sell.  

  3. Reapply For A Less Competitive Institution:
  4. One other tentative things to do when you have low JAMB score, is to reapply for a lesser competitive institution. No doubt, there are some institutions in Nigeria that are less competitive, and are also very easy to gain admission into. So, with your low JAMB score, your chance of gaining admission becomes more consolidated. 

  5. Apply For Universities That Requires  no JAMB Result Before Admission:

  6. Another way to gain admission with low JAMB score, is to apply for institutions that needs no JAMB result to offer admission. Well, I guess this will surprise you a little, but for sure, there are so many higher institutions in Nigeria, that does not require students to present their JAMB examination results before they offered admission.

    Examples of universities that needs no JAMB result before offering admission are private universities. Click here to see more>>>

  7. Read More Voraciously For Post-UTME

  8. Okay, this  might sounds equivocal, don't it? but nonetheless, am going to explain. Post-UTME examinations are internal examinations conducted by various institutions, for the purpose of testing the knowledge of students who made it through JAMB, and want to study in the school. However, Post-UTME examinations today, is as important as writing JAMB examination, because most institutions in Nigeria uses it to augment the JAMB scores of aspirants. 

    A student who has about 200 as JAMB score can not be said to have a very low score, because he can still gain admission to study his dreamed course if he works very hard for Post-UTME examination. The Post-UTME system has helped many students with very low JAMB score to gain admission. All it requires is to prepare properly for the Post-UTME examination and try to make better score. So, with your law JAMB score, you will be able to gain admission by preparing very well for Post-UTME examination.

I am optimistic that with the foregoing, you no longer need to panic again because your JAMB score is very low. You can simply employ any of the points above, to make your chance to getting admission optimized.