At some point in education, students (in the adolescent age) will want to go into a relationship with their opposite sex. At this point, they fell they are mature and fit to engage in the act. But the most pertinent question that is often asked before going into the act is "whether it will hamper their education or not".

I personally think, that shouldn't be the pertinent question in this modern day, because there are levels of education where engaging in a relationship or not, would no longer be a jeopardizing factor to a student's success. So, the question now should be, "At what point can a student engage in a relationship?"

In this article, we will discuss the various levels of education, analysing whether it is proper or advised for any student to engage in relationships at each level. Okay! There are basically three education levels namely: 
  1. Primary education level
  2. Secondary education level 
  3. Tertiary education level

The primary education level: 

This is the stage where a child is still obtaining his/her primary education. There is not much relevance of this level to this topic, since the child here has little or no knowledge about gender or relationship. Here, a child is not just considered immature but also a baby.

The Secondary Education Level:

At the secondary education level of education, a student must have reached puberty, and for sure, the urge to get a get a friend from the opposite sex will be very high. 
The truth is that, even at this stage, the student is still described as immature to engage in a relationship. The reason is because, the student at this level, is not totally able to differentiate between his/her wants from his/her needs.

 More so,  even if the student is allowed to go into a relationship at this level, he will not be able to balance his interest in relationship with that of education. Thus, any student at this level, is not supposed to have gone into any relationship. Because he is still Immature. Note that immature in this context, does not necessarily mean less than 18 years. A person can be 18 years, and still be referred to as immature to engage in any relationship. So, age does not guarantee you to start up a relationship as a student.

The Tertiary Education Level:

Students at this level is perhaps in the university, polytechnic or any other tertiary Institution. Okay, at this level of education there is absolutely nothing wrong to consider enrolling into a relationship. This is because the tertiary education is not just a place for students to learn how to read and write, but to also learn how to manage their private life's and relationship with others in the society. However, going into a relationship at this level is subject to some conditions. 
  • It must not lead to distracted 
  • It must not mislead you 
  • It must exclude sexual immorality
If as a student, you think going into a relationship will not distract you from your studies in school, then there is no problem with that. In the same way, if it won't result in sexual immoralities, then there is no problem too. But where engaging in a relationship in school is incompatible with the above conditions,  then it is advised you stay away. 

In summary of the above, a student is not advised to engage in a relationship at the primary and secondary education levels, but can consider going into it at the tertiary leave, if it will not lead to distractions or immorality. With this, I think the question or controversy as to when a student can start having a relationship has been totally resolved.