If you are reading this thread, and you are yet to register for your JAMB examination, then I guess you are very lucky. And if unfortunately, you have already registered for the examination, there is still no problem with that, as this article will broadly discuss most of the errors students make during JAMB examination, giving you the possible ways to circumvent them. 

So, you don't want to make mistakes that are capable of jeopardising your chance of admission, then I guess you read this thread closely.

Common JAMB Registration Mistakes Students Make

  • Wrong Profile Data

Many a time, candidates tend to use wrong information for their JAMB exam registration. Sometimes, it is because they don't want to disclose their true personal detail to anybody, or perhaps they are not even sure of the information they use.

Now,  let it be noted that every information you use for your JAMB registration is important and significant. If you fill any wrong information in your JAMB examination form, then you are apparently putting your admission in danger. For instance, a candidates date of birth. If by chance, you fill in a wrong date of birth information in your JAMB form, then you probably might loose your admission when you go for your school screening. 

If you find out that your true date of birth do not conform to the one you used in JAMB register, i advise you wait until the opportunity to do that is made available. However, you will have to pay some amount of money to change it.
  •  Wrong Subject Combination

Another place where students often make great mistake as regard JAMB registration, is on their subject combination. Choosing your subject combination is one of the most pivotal part of registering for JAMB examination. Though there have been so many websites that construct subject combinations, and ask candidates to follow them. But sometimes these combination are either fake or probably unsuitable for the course you want to study.

A wrong JAMB subject combination, can make a student totally forfeit his/her admission. The fact is that there is always a prerequisite subject to study any courses. For instance, a student who wants to study law, and does not have Literature in his combination, is already bound to forfeit that course because, Literature in law is prerequisite. So, before registering for JAMB examination, make sure you know your correct subject combination, so you don't loose your admission.

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  •  Wrong Selection Of Institution

Before the just concluded JAMB examination, I met a student who said he chose the University Of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), as a second choice. And my question to him, was weather UNN accept second choice aspirants. He told me he wasn't sure. But that he hope to resort to UNN, when his first choice fails. I quickly advised him to go and change it as fast as possible, because UNN seldom admit aspirants that make them a second choice. 

What I am trying to say is that, you should have an in dept knowledge about how a particular university offer admission. Especially, when you make them a second choice. There are many schools in Nigeria that do not admit students that make them a second choice. So, be careful the way you choose. 

More so, i have often advise JAMB candidates to be broad when choosing institutions they wish to attend. Do not make the mistake of making a particular institution your first and second choice, because you never can tell weather you will gain admission into that school. You also have to give other institutions a try. 
  •  Wrong or Anonymous Email/ Phone Number

Many students often think their JAMB email or phone number is just for JAMB and JAMB alone. Sometimes they even displace the email password or phone number after their JAMB examination. Well, let me announce to you that your JAMB email, password and phone number, are very important. In fact, if you don't have them, you are as good as not writing the examination. You won't believe that even till now, I still make use of mine. Because that is the only email and phone number my school recognise even after my clearance. So, do not displace your JAMB email, password and phone number. They are very essential.

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  • Late Registration 

Note that the time you register for your JAMB examination matters a lot. Many a time, I here aspirants who say they don't want to write their exams in centers very far from their actual location or home. Well, what determines that is the time and place you registered. JAMB assumes that every candidate who wants to register for her examination, will register in those centres near their homes, so they post them in centres near their homes. However, if you register too late, and the centres close to your home is already densely populated, JAMB will be left with no choice than to take you elsewhere (probably very far from your home). So, it is very pertinent that you register as early as possible.

I may not have noted all the common mistakes JAMB candidates make during registration, but with the above, you will be able to sidestep most of the common errors while  registering for your examination. I will keep updating this article, so you can always come back to read the updated information. Hope this helps, Thank you.