Is WAEC examination difficult or easy?  

Believe me, there is probably no WAEC candidate in Nigeria that don't ask this particular question. Any student who has not sat for WAEC examination before, will be so curious to know whether WAEC examination is difficult or easy. Well, am not going to waste much time answering this question today, since it is very lucid and straightforward. But before then,  what do you think are the reasons why students fail WAEC examination?

The reasons why students fail WAEC examination, must have been stated in my last article titled  "Why Students Fail WAEC examination", but then, I will employ some of the points there, to tide you through this question.

WAEC examination is the easiest examination to write in Nigeria. Yes, it really is. I personally found out that many Students no longer fail WAEC again because it is difficult, but because they made it difficult for themselves. Note that i am not saying this to make you feel happy or sad, it is just factual. However, it is also pertinent to know that 40-50% of candidates who write WAEC examination every year still fail it.

Now here is the logic. WAEC is very easy but due to fear, tension, poor preparations and others, students continually fail the examination. Just last week, I met a student who is to write the impending 2019 WAEC examination. And when I asked him about his preparation so far, he told me not to worry, because he has already paid money for examination malpractice.

This really got me angry, but at the same time, the reasons why many students still fail WAEC examination, became so clear to me again. WAEC is easy but indolent students have made it too difficult by failing to prepare properly for the examination. In addition to this, some students have also made the examination difficult by staring up fear and tension in them before writing the examination. The truth is that, you can never pass any examination successfully with fear and tension in your your mind. And that is one of the most prominent problem with many WAEC candidates today. Immediately you mention WAEC to students, they are all in great tension. I guess it is because they have been preoccupied by people who equally believes that the examination is difficult.

Like I said before, WAEC examination is easy but students have made it difficult for themselves. The only way to legally pass WAEC examination is to read assiduously, and that is all. There is no other way to pass WAEC examination except by reading property, but many students have given cold shoulders to this concept, and has consistently held that the examination is difficult.

Okay, it is now clear, right?  WAEC is easy but students have made it too difficult for themselves. That is absolutely true. You can pass WAEC examination with good grades, while indolent students still remain ardent supporters of the "Too difficult campaign". So, start making the examination  easy for yourself today by reading.