Can one study law in Nigeria without literature

Okay, you want to study law in Nigeria, but don't know whether literature is compulsory. Well, it is likely that you already know the answer to this question, as it is quiet answerable. However, in this post, I will state the answer more lucid.

Can a student study law without literature

The answer is absolutely No!  You cannot possibly study law in any Nigerian university or go to law school, without having a literature pass mark in JAMB and WAEC. This is because, literature is regarded as a core and an indispensable subject in the study of law. Coupled to this, the Nigerian legal system has also corroborated this position. There are so many cases where it was held that any student who don't have literature can not study law in Nigeria.

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So, my advice for every student who might be thinking of circumventing Literature in JAMB or WAEC, is it jettison that thought. However, if you have already written your JAMB or WAEC examination without literature, then you will have to change your course or rewrite the examination again.