Having read many JAMB past questions on the Christian Religious Study (CRS), I have taken a painstaking note of some of the questions often repeated by JAMB. However, this does not mean the questions are bound to appear in the real examination, but I think they have greater chance of appearing in the impending JAMB examinations.

82 Likely CRS Questions From JAMB

Below are 80 CRS questions, that are likely to appear in the impending JAMB examination. I advise you study them assiduously, and take good note of them.

1. How is it you were not afraid to put forth your hand to destroy the Lord’s anointed? was said by

A. Elijah to Ahab when Ahab sought to kill him.
B. David to the Amalekite who claimed to have
killed Saul.
C. Joab to Absalom when the latter rebelled
against David.
D. David to Saul when Saul attacked him with a
E. David to Goliath.

2. ‘What is sweeter than honey?’
‘What is stronger than lion?’Who gave this riddle?

A. Joseph
B. Solomon
C. Samson
D. Ahimelech

3. “Be fruitful and multiply ...” This statement occurs first in Genesis following the creation of

A. day and night
B. the earth and the seas
C. living creatures and birds
D. Adam and Eve

4. "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for God made man in his own image ______”

The above passage explains the

A. origin of blood revenge
B. prohibition of suicide
C. importance of blood
D. disapproval of violence

5. The four promises of God to Abram were land,

A. Greatness, riches and blessings
B. Fame, circumcision and many descendants
C. Many descendant, greatness and medium of
D. Greatness, salvation and blessings.

6. When the Israelites were caught between Pharaoh’s army and the Red Sea, God instructed Moses to

A. command the sea to be divided
B. throw his rod into the sea
C. strike the sea twice

7. “Who is the Lord that I should heed his voice and let Israel go? I do not know the Lord, and moreover I will not let Israel go.”

A. He increased their burden
B. He killed their male children
C. He hesitatingly released them
D. He appealed to them to stay in Egypt.

8. Which of the following is a condition for the eating of the Passover?

A. A fatted lamb should be taken from among
The sheep or goat
B. Anything that remained until morning should be burnt
C. The lamb should be eaten boiled with its head, legs and inner parts.
D. It should not be eaten in haste.

9. Before God met with Israel at Mount Sinai, Moses charged his people not to

A. go near the mountain
B. go near a woman
C. tremble at the sight of smoke
D. tremble at the sound of thunder.

10. “It is not the sound of shouting for victory, or the sound
of the cry of defeat, but the sound of singing that I hear.”

A. consecration of the Israelites at Mount Sinai
B. crossing of the Red Sea
C. fall of Jericho
D. worship of a god.

11. In order to stay alive, anyone who was bitten by the fiery serpent had to

A. touch the bronze serpent

B. make a bronze serpent
C. kill a serpent
D. look at the bronze serpent

12. “…As I was with Moses, so I will be with you I will not fail you or forsake you…”
In the above passage, God addresses

A. the spies
B. Joshua
C. Aaron
D. Gideon.

13. The cities of the Amorites were completely devastated by Israel through the combined forces of

A. plague, hailstone and sword
B. plague, panic and hailstone
C. panic hailstone and sword

14. In which of the Philistine citied did Samson carry away on his shoulder, the doors, posts and bar of the city gate?

A. Ashdod
B. Askelon
C. Gath
D. Gaza

15. The king that reigned in Samaria during the prophecies
of Amos and Hosea was

A. Jeroboam, the son of Nebat
B. Jeroboam, the son of Joash
C. Ahab, the son of Omri
D. Jehoash, the son of Jeohaz

16. The kink who disguised himself when he traveled to Romoth-gilead was

A. Ahijah
B. Jehu
C. Abah
D. David.

17. Which of the following kings built the city of Samaria?

A. Jeroboam
B. Ahab
C. Omri
D. Rehoboam

17. The theme of Amos’s prophecies centres on the

A. holiness of God
B. jealousy of God
C. righteousness of God
D. punishment of evil

18. The one who was to be the wife of Isaac was known

A. by her coming to the well to draw water.
B. because she was a descendant of Abraham’s
C. because she said ‘Drink, and I will water your camels’.
D. because her name was Rebecca.
E. By her height and beauty.

18. Achan was

A. one of the spies who visited Rahab in Jericho.
B. one of the two men who prophesied in the
camp in the wilderness.
C. one of the judges of Israel.
D. the one who took some of the devoted things
when Jericho fell.
E. the king of the Amalekites whom Samuel
hewed into pieces.

19. Simon the Cananaean was

A. the original name of Peter
B. one of the twelve
C. the Pharisee in whose house the woman
anointed Jesus
D. the one who carried Jesus’ cross
E. one of the brothers of Jesus.

20. The reason why Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome went to where Jesus was buried on the third day after the burial was to

A. plead with the soldiers who were keeping
watch there
B. anoint the body of Jesus
C. see if the body of Jesus was still there
D. see if Jesus had risen from the dead
E. weep at the tomb according to the custom of the Jews.

21. To some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and despised others, Jesus told the parable of the

A. rich man and Lazarus
B. Pharisee and the tax-collectors
C. wise and foolish virgins
D. prodigal son
E. good Samaritan.

22. What did Adonijah do to show that he feared Solomon? He

A. begged Solomon for forgiveness.
B. promised Solomon loyal support.
C. caught hold of the horns of the altar.
D. ran into theTemple.
E. sent messengersto Solomon asking for a place
of honour.

23. Where did Solomon get the timber for his building?

A. Egypt.
B. Jerusalem
C. Phoenicia
D. Lebanon
E. Beersheba.

24. According to Jeremiah’s prophecy, the domination of nations by Nebuchadnezzar was

A. against the wish of God.
B. part of the divine purpose.
C. the result of his militarymight.
D. the result of the wickedness of nations.
E. the result of his righteousness and belief in

25. Ezekiel was ordered to eat... and then go to speak to the house of Israel.

A. honey
B. locusts
C. bread
D. fish
E. a scroll

26. The place where Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac was

A. Moriah
B. Sinai
C. Bethel
D. Tabor
E. Zion

27. ‘Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel, Amend your ways and your doings. Trust not in lying words saying:

 “The temple oftheLord, the temple of the Lord,

the temple of the Lord”. This message was given by

A. Amos
B. Micah
C. Jeremiah
D. Uzziah
E. Ezekiel

28. Which prophet gave this cry? ‘Woe is me! For I am lost, for I am a man of unclean lips,
and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips’.

A. Hosea
B. Jeremiah
C. Isaiah
D. Amos E. Haggai

29. The prophet who proclaimed a new covenant of God with Israel and Judah was

A. Ezekiei
B. Jeremiah
C. Hosea
D. Micah E. Haggai.

30. The synoptic gospels refer to the

A. books of the New Testament
B. first four books of the New Testament
C. first three book of the New Testament
D. first five books of the Bible
E. Did ache.

31. The father of Moses was of the tribe of

A. Levi
B. Benjamin
C. Zebulun
D. Gad
E. Judah

32. When did the Israelites squall that the lord has spoken, we will do’?

A. After Joshua’s farewell speech
B. At Mount Sinai
C. When Moses spoke to them before his death
D. After the incident of the golden calf
E. When God asked them to gather manna from heaven

33. The 5th of the ten Commandments is a warning

A. not to bow down to idols
B. not to kill
C. to avoid adultery
D. not to bear false witness
E. to honour one’s father and mother.

34. ‘And he will go be fore him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children’.

The person whose future work was being described here was

A. Zachariah
B. John the Baptist
C. Paul
D. Jesus Christ
E. Joseph

35. He said therefore to the multitudes ... ‘You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?’

Who was the speaker?

A. John the son of Zachariah.
B. John the son of Zebedee
C. John Mark
D. Jesus Christ
E. Simon Peter

37. ‘You shall not tempt the Lord your God’ was said by Jesus to

A. Peter after his confession
B. the leper who asked to be cleansed
C. Caiaphas at histrial
D. the devil in the wilderness
E. the sons of Zebedee who demanded the best
seatsin the kingdom.

38. The people of Nazareth found it difficult to believe what Jesus preached to them because they

A. were idolaters
B. were stubborn
C. knewhim from childhood.
D. had been scolded by him
E. could not understand his doctrine.

39. In the parable of the sower, the seeds on the goods ground are meant to represent those who

A. accept and live by God’s word
B. feed the poor
C. have and love riches
D. give almsin market places
E. preach the words of God.

40. Who is being referred to here?

‘But he went out and began to talk freely about it, and to spread the news, so that Jesus could no longer openly enter a town, but was out in the country; and people came to him from every quarter.

A. the Gerasene demoniac
B. The leper from Galilee
C. Jairus
D. The blind man of Jericho
E. The demoniac of Capernaum.

41. ‘An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign shall be given to it except the sign of Jonah,’

According to St. Mathew, Jesus said this to the

A. disciple of John the Baptist
B. multitude of people
C. lawyers and the scribes
D. Sadducees and the Zealots
E. Pharisees and the Sadducees.

42. And Jesus said to them, ‘Follow me and I will make you fishers of men. ‘This was addressed to

A. Simon Peter and James
B. James and John
C. Simon Peter and John
D. Andrew and James
E. Simon Peter and Andrew.

43. Hosanna means

A. ride on in majesty
B. ride on in glory
C. ride on to die
D. ride on to Calvary
E. save now.

44. “God has made laughter for me; every-one who hears will laugh over me.”
This statement was made at the birth of

A. Ishmael
B. Isaac
C. Esau
D. Samuel

45. The main point emphasized in the story of Joseph’s treatment of his brothers in Egypt was that

A. God’s design for anybody cannot be stopped
B. it is good to forgive one’s enemies
C. one should test any old enemy before trusting him
D. wrongful action weakens the valiant.

46. “Put off your shoes from feet; for the place where you stand is holy"  Where was this statement made?

A. Mount Horeb
B. Mount Sinai
C. Jericho
D. Gilgal

47. Who said this, ‘there shall be neither dewnor rain these years except by my word?’

A. Elisha
B. Ezekiel
C. Elijah
D. Obadiah
E. Nehemiah

48. In the case before Solomon over the dead and the living child, the mother of the dead child supported

A. giving the living child to her opponent.
B. killing the living child
C. joint ownership of the loving child.
D. king Solomon having the living child.
E. state ownership of the living child.

49. Before Moses died, God appointed _____ to succeed him.

A. Joshua
B. Aaron
C. Eleazar
D. Balaam
E. Manasseh

50. The treatment for those bitten by the fiery serpent was to

A. drink from the Red Sea
B. look at the bronze serpent
C. fast for seven days
D. call upon the Lord
E. repent

51. In order that Benjamin might be brought to Egypt, Joseph detained

A. Reuben
B. Levi
C. Judah
D. Simeon
E. Zebulon

52. When Joseph’s brother came to him in Egypt, he said to them, ‘You are _______’

A. spies
B. robbers
C. traitors
D. sinners
E. war-mongers

53. Sarah gave birth to ______ in her old age

A. Joseph
B. Isaac
C. Jacob
D. Simeon
E. Benjamin

54. As a condition of his covenant with God, Abraham had to

A. circumcise every male
B. sacrifice to God every month
C. keep the Sabbath
D. pray to God daily
E. recite the Shema.

55. What was the condition of the earth before the creation of the world?

A. The earth was without form and void.
B. There was a firmament above the earth.
C. Light infrequently penetrated the earth.
D. The heaven was very close to the earth.
E. The earth was inhabited by angels and spirits

56. God wanted to destroy the world because

A. Adam and Eve disobeyed him.
B. Cain killed Abel his brother.
C. the sons of God were taking the daughters of
men as wives.
D. the people made a tower of Babel to get to
E. the earth was filled with violence.

57. Hear now, you rebels: shall we bring forth water for you out of this rock? Was spoken by Moses

A. in the valley of Moab
B. at Mount Hor
C. in the wilderness of Zin
D. at Mount Nebo
E. in the wilderness of Paran

58. The spies sent out into the land of Canaan were NOT required to find out whether the

A. people who dwelt in it were few or many
B. land they dwelt in was good or bad
C. cities they dwelt in were camps or strongholds
D. land was flowing with milk and honey
E. land was forested

59. Who was chosen to lead the Isaelites after Moses’ death?

A. Deborah
B. Abimelech
C. Samuel
D. Joshua
E. Caleb

60. Joshua’ first victory was in ______

A. Ai
B. Gibeon
C. Jordan
D. Gilgal
E. Jericho

61. Sisera was put to death by ______

A. Barak
B. Deborah
C. Joshua
D. Jael
E. Abinoam

62. ‘But I will be with you and you will smite the Midianites as one man’ was said by God to

A. Moses

B. Joshua
C. Deborah
D. Gideon
E. Joash

63. The name ‘Samuel’ means

A. the Strength of God
B. the Child of Tears
C. I have asked him of the Lord
D. The fruit of my tears
E. The future prophet of the Lord

64. Samuel’s sons were rejected as judges because

A. they were wicked
B. they were not from the royal family
C. they perverted justice and took bribes
D. they were too ignorant
E. the Israelites wanted to be like other people
who had kings

65. God took the Kingdom from Saul because he

A. was not strong enough
B. did not offer sacrifices to the Lord
C. disobeyed the Lord by offering burnt
sacrifices himself
D. was arrogant
E. had consulted soothesayers

66. How was Saul killed?

A. He was killed by Jonathan.
B. He took his own sword and fell upon it.
C. His armour-bearer killed him.
D. The Philistines killed him.
E. An Amalekite killed him

67. The commander of David’s army was

A. Abner
B. Joab
C. Abiathar
D. Zadok
E. Adonijah

68. King David committed adultery with

A. Michal

B. Bathsheba
C. Jezebel
D Merab
E. Athaliah.

69. Which prophet encouraged Jeroboam I to revolt at the initial stage?

A. Micaiah
B. Jeremiah.
C. Nathan
D. Ahija.
E. Joel.

70. The city of Samaria was built by

A. Omri
B. Jeroboam
C. Shemmer
D. Jehu
E. Ahab

71. The prophet from ekoa was

A. Isaiah
B. Jeremiah
C. Joel
D. Hosea
E. Amos.

72. Which king reigned after Hezekiah?

A. Josiah
B. Amon
C. Jehoiakim
D. Jehoahaz
E. Manasseh

73. Which was NOT a complaint of the people when Nahemiah was rebuilding Jerusalem?

A. Let us get grain; that we may eat and keep
B. We are mortgaging our fields, our vineyards and our houses
C. We have borrowed money for the King’s tax
D. The strength of the burden bearers is failing
E. We are forcing our sons and daughters to be

74. Jesus was said to be ‘of Nazareth’ because

A. he took a Nazarene vow

B. his ancestor David lived in Nazareth
C. he was brought up in the city of Nazareth
D. he made Nazareth his preaching headquarters.

75. The first generation of mankind was destroyed in the great flood of water because of

A. corruption and violence
B. disobedience to the Torah
C. worship of idols
D. immoral sex relationships

76. Which of the following is the sign of the covenant between God and Abraham?

A. The sprinking of blood on door posts
B. Going to Jerusalem every year.
C. Keeping of the Passover
D. Circumcision in the flesh of the foreskins.

77. God appeared to Jacob in a dream and Jacob made a vow to

A. return to his father’s house
B. furnish the house of God
C. make Bethel his new home
D. pay tithe to God.

78. Joseph saw his sale by his brothers as God’s plan to enable him.

A. revenge on his brothers
B. become the lord of Egypt
C. become a father to Pharoah
D. preserve life.

79. The two Hebrew midwives instructed by Pharaoh to kill the Hebrew male babies at birth were

A. Shipharah and Zipporah
B. Puah and Miriam
C. Shipharah and Puah
D. Zipporah and Pual

80. The Egyptian magicians were able to reproduce the first three miracles done by Moses and Aaron, but the fourth which they were unable perform was the plague of

A. gnat from the dust
B. frogs
C. swarm of bees
D. locusts

81. The possibility of crossing the Red Sea was seen by Israel as

A. God’s active presence in their midst
B. the miraculous power of Moses’ rod
C. a punishment of the Egyptians
D. a favour deserved by Israel.

82. The only commandment which has a promise attached it concerns ______

A. respecting parents
B. keeping the Sabbath
C. not taking the name of the Lord in vain
D. not coveting our neighbour’s house.

Okay, there you have them. Like I said before, make sure you study the questions assiduously, as they might appear in the real JAMB examination. If you need answer to any of the questions above, please comment the questions number below and I will send the answer instantaneously.