If you have been searching for how you can pay for your school fee online to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), then search no further, as I bring to you the step by step process to pay your UNN school fee online. Note that this is not only limited to fresh students alone, every student in the school can employ these steps to paying their fee. 

How to pay UNN school fee online

Follow the steps below to pay your UNN school fee online.

Step 1. Visit the school's portal at www.unnportal.edu.ng (please make sure you use a computer and not a mobile phone).

Step 2. Fill the text boxes with your correct details. (For Freshers; use your JAMB registration Number as your user name, and your JAMB password as your password). 

Step 3. Click on "Enter", and you will be taking to your student profile.

At this point, I advise you check the profile picture at the top right corner, to confirm that you are operating on your own profile.

Step 4. If you are sure that the account you are operating is yours, you can then click at the menu bar located at the top right corner to your browser.

Step 5. Click on "SCHOOL FEE"

Step 6. Click on "PAY SCHOOL FEE".

Step 7. After you must have completed the above step, another page will appear, asking you to generate an invoice for RRR payment. Click on "GENERATE INVOICE", after selecting your academic session.

Step 8. Go to any bank with the generated invoice and pay the amount slated as your fee. (I advise you go to Access bank).
Note that it does not finish there. You must complete step 9 below, or it will be assumed you didn't pay any kobo to the school.
Step 9. Now, return back to your profile (repeating step 1 to 5), and enter the RRR number in the space provided.

How to pay UNN school fee online

When you are done, the computer displays your school fee receipt on the screen. Print the receipt out immediately,  and keep it safe, as it will be a justification that you have paid your fees.

Okay, I guess it's clear, isn't it? It's not too convoluted. However, if you got stuck at any point, please use the comment box below.

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