One of the biggest problem many students have with the current state of education or schooling, is reading books. About 67% of the total students who dropout from school every year, is as a result of the difficult and nauseating condition they encounter while trying to read books, which is apparently a must to survive as a student.

Nonetheless, i have gone into research for some days now, and I found out that there are some ways or tips to make reading sweet and enjoying. These ways or tips will help students read their books voraciously, and perform well in school.

Today, I am going to shear these tips with you. So, I advise you read painstakingly as i will tide you over. How to make reading sweet and enjoying

 To Make Reading Fascinating And Enjoyable

What makes reading either fascinating, sweet or debilitating, is not just dependent on how hard you read, it starts even from the way you prepare to read. On this note, I will be writing comprehensively on how to make reading fascinating, sweet and enjoyable. So, lets get going!

  • Be Relaxed
One of the greatest mistakes students often make before reading, is not getting relaxed for the activity. I have always advised students to make sure they are relaxed before reading, especially when they intend to read for a very long time. There is no doubt, that reading is one of the most enervating activity to students, and at such, It is advised to get enough rest before reading so as to sustain you while you read.

So, the first thing to do if you want to enjoy your reading for a very long time, is to get enough rest.

  • Make a reading plan
Another essential tip to make reading fascinating and enjoyable, is to make a reading plan for yourself everyday. Make sure you have a list of the topics you want to read before opening your books. This  will save you the stress of turning your books up and down, and eventually, getting nothing out of it, or even getting tired before the time you are supposed. This is the core reason why students are advised to make a list of topics they want to read, before opening their books to read them.

  • Find out your reading habitat
Every student has his/her favorite place for reading. Though, some students claim they can read and understand, at any place they find themselves, yes, it might be true. But there must also be a particular place that student will find more comfortable than other places. This particular place is what I refer to as a "reading habitat".

To make reading a pleasure ride, you must understand, or find out that place you enjoy reading the most. Coupled to this, you must also know the particular time you always enjoy reading. I have seen students who enjoys reading at the night, and some who loves it in the day. So, it all depends on how your body system works. You only have to make your reading tally with it.

  • Get some snacks or water beside you
No doubt, this will also help. While you are reading, it is important you have some snacks or water beside you, to sustain you till the time you will stop reading. However, even though this tip has helped so many students, some students still find it nauseating and will prefer reading without anything. But at the same time, I will advise you try this out, and if you don't find it helpful, you can jettison it.

  • Don't skip any problem or paragraph

Believe me, you cannot possibly understand what a book is really taking about, by skipping paragraphs or problems. If you must make your reading enjoyable, you must learn to tackle problems and reading every part/paragraphs of your books, because they are all important. In fact, if you don't read books assiduously, you cannot find them fascinating. This is one of the core tricks to make reading enjoyable.

  • Try to understand anything you read

This is synonymous to the point above. It postulates that reading can only be a pleasure ride, if you are able to understand what you are reading. This point is uncontestable. There is absolutely no way you can say you enjoyed reading a book, without understanding that book. So you see, understanding is another key to making reading fascinating.

  • Don't force it on yourself
Yes, you don't need to force it on yourself. You just have to take it gradually. Sometimes, you read and after reading, It gets off your memory. Well, in such cases, you don't need to panic. All you need to do, is to keep reading, and trying to understand. And believe me, if you do this for just four to five times, it will automatically, stick to your brain.

Further more, when you read and you don't seems to understand, you should not also panic. All you have to do is to keep reading and reading. Believe me, it must surely come in. But, in more vast cases, I will advise you take that problem to your senior colleges for help.

  • Have a time of respite
Though, reading relentlessly will not kill you, but for sure, it can affect your metal capability negatively. This is why it is advisable, you take at least 5minutes to rest, after every two hours relentless reading. This is not just to help you convalesce your strength, but to help you retain all what you have read before. If anyone must enjoy reading, he must learn to rest for some minutes after a long reading. However, this does not mean you should take all the time you have for resting. It only says, a few minutes to rest, and not all the time to rest.

Apparently, reading can be sometimes debilitating and tedious, but with these tentative tip and solutions. I believe I have gone a long way in proffering solutions to the monotonous problem of reading among students of this century. I hope it helps, Good luck.