Many student assume that the word "intelligence", is a natural endowment strictly meant for some kinds of student. In the education system today, the intelligent once are always at the forefront of every school activity, and those who are not intelligent are often alienated, and seen as inferior because they show no sign of intelligence. In some cases, these unintelligent students develop low self esteem and other mental effects.

This, to a very large extend, was what prompted me to put down this article. First, it should be noted that no student is inferior or superior intellectually. I guess this sounds absurd to you, but that is the truth. There is no student that is particularly endowed by nature with intelligence. What make the difference between a student who is intelligent and another, who is not; is how far the two have gone in exploring their latent intellectual ability. Thus, what make it seem as if some students are intelligent and some are not is not caused by nature, but by the ability of students to explore those their endowment.

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Nonetheless, in this article I will be discussing the top secrets for becoming intelligent in school, with the intention of helping you explore the intellectual skill you have. 


Below are the top secrets for becoming intelligent in school
  1. Be yourself
  2. Be persevered
  3. Determination 
  4. Don't be dogmatic
  5. Study frequently
  6. Solve technical problems
  7. Study to be knowledgeable
  8. Create a leisure time
  9. Join a discussion group
  10. Get a mentor

To give an analytical view of each of each of the points mention above, I will explain them below. 

  1. Be yourself

  2. To be intelligent, you have to be yourself. You cannot become intelligent by replicating or mimicking another person's style of life. This is because the two of you can't explore your intellectual ability the same way. Your uniqueness is very paramount to become intelligent. It is very necessary that you study and understand yourself. One common mistake students make is trying to behave like other students, who they believe is more intelligent than they are. Like i stated before, the way a particular student will explore his intellectual ability may not seem to be a good way for another student. Thus, if you want to be intelligent you have know and understand yourself.

  3. Be persevered

  4. To be persevered means to be steadfast. Note that there is no intelligent person on earth who is not persevered. To become intelligent, you must be prepared to be steadfast in activities that develops your intellectual ability. There is a popular proverbial saying that states "The patient dog eats the fattest bone". This simply means that; perseverance is needed to achieve good aims. So, the decision to become intelligent is a one that demands perseverance and hardworking.

  5. Determination

  6. Another essential factor that is needed to become intelligent is determination. Determination is very key to become intelligent, as it is the major driving force to achieve your aim. Yes, you will find it frustrating at some point (especially when you aren't used to hardworking before), but you don't have to worry because soon, it will become a culture. You have to make the decision to start working hard. Actually, there is nothing too difficult about being intelligent, you just have to do what you are supposed to. 

  7. Don't Be Dogmatic

  8. One problem many students have with becoming intelligent is dogmatism. Not being dogmatic is one of the inevitable secrets to become intelligent in school. To be intelligent, you must be open minded, and must be able to accept the perceptions of everyone. However, you must also be able to analyse peoples opinion, find the one which is most correct, and put them into practice. Being open-minded in this context, does not mean you should accept everything people say without reviewing them. 

  9. Study Frequently

  10. Studying is the most important tip to become intelligent in school. In fact, you cannot be intelligent by circumventing studies. When you study, your brain accumulates much. Thus, it is expanded, giving you the ability to think critically and technical too. Frequent studying makes you accustomed to technicality and hardworking. Thus, your brain tends to think more critical and analytic. Studying frequently is the the top secret to become intelligent in school.

  11. Solve technical problems

  12. Another key secret to become intelligent in school, is to constantly solve technical problems. Solving technical problems helps to get the brain into work. It has the ability to stretch the mind, and the thinking capacity of a person. Thus, it is a great secret that can help you become intelligent, as frequent solving of technical problems makes you accustomed to critical reasoning and develops your understanding ability. 

  13. Study to be knowledgeable

  14. Students often make the mistake of studying very well, but at the same time, studying for the wrong reason. During my secondary school, there was this friend of mine who studies ardently, just to make me and my other friends feel inferior. He will study his books and will come to me, asking intimidating questions. But one surprising thing is that this guy never made better grades than I or my other friends. Isn't that ironic?

    I told this story, so you will understand that it is possible to read wrongly. For instance, reading to make your friends fell inferior, reading to outclass others or reading in other to prove your self intelligent. All these motive of reading are not advisable, as you may not be able to account for what you read after your motive has been achieved. Your mindset whenever you read, should be to understand and have good knowledge of what you have read.

  15. Create a leisure time 

  16. It should be noted that having a leisure time is also one of the secrets to becoming intelligent in school. Yes, it sounds absurd, but it is the truth. The human brain is like an engine, that brakes down when it is used for a very long time without a time of respite. Stressing the brain very hard will not make you turn intelligent by surprise. Becoming intelligent is a gradual thing. It does not necessarily require that you harm yourself first. In fact, a leisure time, is an inevitable tip for becoming intelligent.

  17. Join a discussion group 

  18. Another secret that will help you become more intelligent is educative discussion groups. By joining discussion groups, you will learn and teach other. Research have shown that some students learn more faster when they are thought by a classmate or by another person outside the classroom environment, and this is obviously true. When making discussions with other people, the brain tends to accumulate more, and in that same way, it retains what is learned for a longer period of time. Thus, this is another perfect way to become intelligent in school, as it expands the brain, making it possible to think critically and analytically.

  19. Get a mentor

  20. Though not compulsory, a mentor is very essential to help you become intelligent. A mentor here, can be a senior college in school, a teacher or even a family member. A mentor will help you develop broadly and rapidly. He/she will make sure you attain the intellectual position you want to. However, while choosing a mentor, make sure you select a person who is very disciplined and has a prestigious personality. This is to avoid being mislead by a person who is not capable of being a mentor.
Okay, there you have them. These secrets have been tested, and have been proven to be tentative by many students. Like i  have highlighted before "what makes it seem as if some students are intelligent and some are not is not nature, it is the ability of students to explore their endowment". So, I leave you with these stupendous technics to unveil your intelligence and let world see.