There is no doubt, that students massively fail WAEC examination every year. This enormous failure, is not only recorded here in Nigeria. it is prevalent in other countries who's students equally participate in this same examination. While some students posit that the reason for this failure, is because the examination is too tedious, some tend to put blames on the invigilators.

The problem of a mass examination failure in WAEC, has over the past few decades, remain indomitable owning to the fact that students don't pay attention to those factors, that are capable of jeopardizing their success in WAEC examination. Like it is rightly said, "you cannot possibly tackle a problem, without knowing the causes of that problem". So today, I will explicitly explain those factors that are capable of jeopardizing a student's success in WAEC examination.

Factors That Are Capable Of Jeopardizing Your Success In WAEC Examination

  1. Fear/Tension

  2. This is one of the greatest causative factor of examination failure. Candidates who want to write WAEC examination, are many a time, scared when their examination date draw closer. They are so much engrossed in fear and tension when the time for the examination comes. But as I have always said, an examination written in fear is already a failure. You shouldn't allow fear or tension to over shadow you when the time to write your examination comes. Try to relief yourself from fear and be determined to make good grades in your examination.

  3. Poor Planning

  4. Planning, is a very essential key to success even outside the academic arena. There is a proverbial saying that states,  "He who fails to plan, has plan to fail". By this, if you fail to plan your success, you are definitely planning your failure. Failing WAEC examination can possibly be as a result of your unreadiness to pass the examination. What do you expect a student who only started preparing for WAEC one week before the examination to score?

    There is absolutely no way you can pass WAEC examination without planning. You must plan your way through by making a good preparation for your examination. Believe me,  if students can really tackle the problem of poor planning, the rate of WAEC examination failure will be reduced by 50%, no doubt.

  5. Careless attitude towards reading 

  6. Many a time, I have seen students who never read their books for once, but will always complain that WAEC questions are too convoluted. Some times I wonder how on earth, would a person think that way, but there is no doubt, it is happening today.
    Yes, reading can be sometimes nauseating to students, but as a student, you are expected to conform yourself to that culture, if you really want to do well in education.

    The problem of a careless attitude towards reading books before examination, is one of most scandalous reasons for the vast WAEC examination failure. And until students change the perception of not reading before writing WAEC examination, the statistics of vast failure will continue.

  7. Examination malpractice

  8. Few years back, I had this friend of mine, whom I was supposed to write WAEC examination with. But while I spend much of my time reading, he is busy dissipating his time with Android games. One day, while I had a close discussion with him, he disclosed to me that the reason why he spend much of his time playing is because he knows that his success in the examination is assured. At first,  I didn't get him, but as he explained further, it became clear to me that this friend of mine, is preparing to write his WAEC examination in a Miracle Center (An examination malpractice center).

    But do you know that even after writing in an examination malpractice center, this friend of mine, still failed WAEC examination. The reason for his failure, I cannot tell. One thing you must know as a student is that,  there is no other consolidated way to pass WAEC examination, than using your brain. To make your chance of success certain in WAEC examination, you must desist from malpractices.

  9. Reading wrongly 

  10. This point is equivocal, isn't it? Yes, it is possible for a student to read wrongly. Yesterday, while I thought on the secret of becoming intelligent, i stated this same point. So, the question is, when is a person reading wrongly?

    A person can be said to have read wrongly, if his purpose of reading is not to understand and to know that which is read. For instance, when a person read to surprise other people, then you are reading wrongly. Yes, reading is reading. Weather you read wrongly or not. But the secret is that, your retentive skill tends to work more efficaciously when you read to know and to understand than when you read wrongly. So next time you read, read with the intention to understand and to be knowledgeable.

  11. Ignorance

  12. Ignorance is another scandalous reason for about 20% of failure in WAEC examination. When a WAEC candidate is ignorant, he/she is as good as knowing nothing. Last few years ago, some students failed WAEC examination just because they where not explicitly informed of the date for their examination. The truth is that you can't seat at home doing nothing, and expect information to come from above.  There websites like:, and many more to put you through every news/information you will need to pass examination. Indeed, it may sound trivial, but this trivial point has successfully jeopardize many people's success.

  13. Bad influence 

  14. Bad influence is apparently another causative factor of the vast failure in WAEC examination. I will always promulgate to every student who wishes to pass WAEC examination that " if your friends will make your fail WAEC examination, then you must desert from them for the main time". You can go back to them and apologize after you have successfully made good grades in the examination.

    Bad influence has over the past few years, been the core causative factor for the vast failure in WAEC examination. So, to tackle this problem, Candidates must learn to do away with negative influential people.

  15. Impatience and the inability to understand 

  16. I have been a scapegoat to this factor for once. It happened to me when I wrote my Civic Education examination in WAEC. I encountered a question that look simple but critically was not simple. The question was " list and discuss critically the reasons why people engage in cultism". Yes, it is too cheap but due to my impatient, I quickly listed them without discussing them. I didn't find this out, until I went out of my examination hall. And what happened after then? I totally hated myself. Yes, it did not greatly affected my result, but what if I did that same mistake in almost all my questions.

    You must have read voraciously, but It doesn't end there. You must also learn to understand, and to control your impatience.
    After you must have finished your work,  go through it again, believe me you must surely find errors to correct.

  17. Poor writing skill

  18. I have always reminded most WAEC candidates, whom I have been able to speak with, that WAEC examination is not marked by computers but by human beings, who are capable of making mistakes, and can easily get annoyed when they become debilitated.

    When you answer any WAEC examination question, with an illegible handwriting, you are actually making your success uncertain, because the person who is to mark your paper, might not want to waste much time on illegible writing. The importance of a good handwriting in WAEC examination cannot be overruled. Sometimes, candidate even get more marks because of their good and legible handwriting.

  19. Absence of God

  20. This article won't be complete without this point. The God factor is also very essential for a successful WAEC examination. To some extent, I will say that WAEC examination is not dependent on what you wrote, but how favored you are. And that favor can only come from God. When I say God in this instance, I do not mean only the Christian God, it can be a Muslim God or even the traditional one. The absence of God, has also cause many students to fail WAEC examination.
Having known the various reasons why students fail WAEC examination, I think it is left to every WAEC candidate who have read this, to make meaningful use of it by tackling each causative factor painstakingly.