One essential factor that is capable of sustaining a student in school, be it University, polytechnic, colleges etc, is doing a good job. Research has shown that students who do jobs while in school, are less dependent on their parents, and are also capable of fending for themselves in school. In this article, I will explicitly typify the

best and less stressful jobs that can earn a student good cash while in school.

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 lucrative jobs students can do in school

Tailoring is one of the most fascinating jobs for students who want to be less dependent on their parents for money.

Tailoring, is fascinating and will never encroach on your study time in school, if you are able to manage your time properly. To start up this job, one need to enroll in a training for some months to get good knowledge of the job. I personally recommend tailoring for students who want to earn a living through their jobs while in school. However, getting the materials needed to start up this job might be too expensive.

profitable jobs students can do in school

Yes,  blogging is another way to earn good cash in school. It has to do with writing good articles everyday on a particular topic, and getting paid when people reads it. One advantage of blogging in school is that, it is very delightful and educating. Believe me, blogging is one of the best job for students in the University, because it is lucrative and entertaining. To start up this job, you may need to read this article

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how students can earn money while they are in school

Just last week I when got hostel in the University of Nigeria, I was ardently in need of a cupboard where I could park my food stuffs in. A neighbor of mine told me that I shouldn't border about it, and promised to make one available for me at a cheaper price than it was supposed. After some few months, I discovered that this my neighbor has been living in the University through the money he earn from making cupboards for newly admitted students. So you see, carpentering is another sure way to make hug cash in school if you are good at it. More so, carpentering is equally less demanding.

Jobs that will get you money in School

Decorating is another good way to earn good money in School. If you really want to make cool money while in school, then you should consider enrolling in a decoration school to obtain good skill. You can be employed to decorate halls for school activities, and be heavily paid for your service. The profitability of this job can not be over emphasised. Decorating is another sure way to make cool money while in school.

Jobs to do while in school

Hair dressing is one of the most prevalent job amount university students. This is because of the lucrativeness of the job. The University is a place where most students pay much attention to fashion, and this has made hairdressing more lucrative. For instance, you will definitely find a student, who changes her hair twice in every week in the University. And these changes are done by students like them, who are eventually paid for their services. Just like blogging, hairdressing is equally less time demanding and very profitable.

Make upping
best jobs for students in school

You can make great money by making students up. Especially, students from wealthy families. Make upping is another sure way to earn a living in school. All that is demanded in this job is a good skill, and that is all. Make upping is also less time encroaching, so it does not affect your study time in school. Sometimes, you don't even need to learn it from a teacher.

Jobs for students in Nigeria

As a student, you can also make money from trading. Buying and selling that which is most striking in school. Here, you may need to study students, to understand those things they love most and sell it to them. If possible, in a cheaper rate. By this way, you earn a lot from them and reduce your dependency on your parents.


One important fact you must not sidestep when considering starting up a job in school, is your ability to manage your time. Yes, doing a job in school is fascinating and lucrative too, but it can also get you traumatized if misused. By this, I mean that before doing any job in school, make sure you are capable of managing your time, so it won't encroach on your study time in school.