Public Speaking has always been a problem to many students, especially to those who has stage fright. However, I must not also overrule the fact that public speaking is not an easy tax.  There are thousands of graduates of the University who are intelligent, but cannot speak boldly in the public. This also derive me to the fact that public speaking is not being intelligent. It is only a skill you can develop by yourself.

That notwithstanding, this article is to help students who find it difficult to speak in the public, improve their ability to do that excellently. This article will enormously make an impact, if strictly adhered to.

How To Speak Excellently In Public 



  2. The most difficult obstacle to defeat in public speaking is tension. Tension can totally get you frustrated when making a public speaking. Believe me, if tension can be totally obliterate, then an excellent public speaking is already assured. This is because tension is the root of almost all scattered speech. Just two weeks ago, a student was giving the opportunity to speak in his graduation party, and while he was presenting his speech, the public address system fell of his hands because of the great tension he had at that time, and this eventually led to a deplorable speech. If you must make an excellent public speaking, then you must learn to reduce your tension.

    The truth is that, tension will definitely come. But your ability to control it, will decide how good your speech will be. Now, the question is, "How can I control it?"
    This question will be precisely answered in subsequent points.


  4. To make an excellent and bold speech, you must be able to predict the kind of audience you are to address. This is not something everyone knows, it is a secret trick I think, will help you. There are three(3) thing predicting your audience will help you do.

    • It will help you choose the right words for your speech.
    • It will decide the technically of your speech.
    • It will reduce your tension.

    Firstly, I am sure you know that not any kind of words are used in some speeches. For instance, You cannot apply the same diction you use in speaking to school students, in a national conference. So, this is what predicting your audience before presentation helps you do. More so, It also help reduce your tension, because you have already presume the kinds of people you will be speaking to. You will no longer be suppressed by fear/tension when you see them.


  6. Weather or not you are giving your speech off-hand, you should write it down in piece of paper. However, this is not what you must do (for those who are already good in public speaking). It is voluntarily. But it will be of great help to those who are very callow and timid in speaking to the public.

    The advantages of this to newbie speakers cannot be overruled. Writing down your work, should replace cramming your work. This is because writing down your work help you to prepare a very coordinated work, and keep the work in your memory without necessarily cramming it.


  8. Now that your work has been penned down, the next step is to get the key points in that work. Make sure you have the key points in your speech in your head. This is in contradiction to cramming the whole work, which is capable of destroying your speech presentation. Noting your key points, will also facilitate a cohesive speech presentation, and will make it impossible for you to be short of words.


  10. One other important factor that result in a deplorable speech is not being relaxed before engaging in a speech presentation. That presentation will surely be a mess. It is just like stopping a person who is running by the road side, and asking him to present a speech to you. To persons who are experienced in speech presentation, it might be easier, but believe me, it will be a big problem to the newbies. So what is the right thing to do?

    Make sure you are at the place you are supposed to present your speech 1hour before you are called. Relax your mind and meditate your work. This is another tentative solution to reducing your tension.


  12. Apparently, focus is another key factor for an excellent speech. You cannot successful give a good speech presentation without being focused. You must learn to keep your mind around the topic you are discussing. Do not put in anything that will make you digress from your topic. Make sure you do only that which you have written down and have memorized, so as to avoid being short of words.


If you are new to public speaking, the above points are what you need most for a start. However, you must also know that, you can only be very good in public speaking if you keep practicing. The more experienced you are, the better your public speaking skill will be. So keep practicing and keep getting better.