There are millions of education websites that emerges everyday in Nigeria. Some of which are for the purpose of cashing in on student's ignorance, and in most cases exploiting them. This has made it very tedious for many student to designate between the authentic and the fake websites in Nigeria.

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Just recently, I discovered how infuriated many students have gone, because of this. They now assume, that all education blogs/websites in Nigeria are aimed at making money, and as such, none of them can be said to be really authentic. But believe me, this is not right. I have visited many education blogs/websites in Nigeria, and I believe with my experience, I can attest of those blogs/websites that really have students at heart. Today, we will be viewing critically, the top 20 Authentic Education websites In Nigeria. 

Best education websites in Nigeria

These are the best education websites in Nigeria:
Okay, in other to make my list more substantial, I will discuss each of these blogs in detail below. So, i advise you read painstakingly, as i will put you through.

  2. You cannot possibly talk about authentic education websites in Nigeria without mentioning It is one of the oldest and most pronounced education website in Nigeria. The website is specialized in disseminating all school news, scholarship news, examination news and many more in Nigeria.

    Just recently, restructured their website in a way that it will allow users/students to learn online by practicing with their online CBT(computer based test) resources., is actually the best education websites in Nigeria for students. It has helped many students in achieving their dreams and will continue doing that.


  4. is one of the fastest growing education website in Nigeria. It was founded and funded by Edeh Chukwuemeka Samuel (a law student of the University of Nigeria Nsukka). This website is specialized in putting students through, in their education to enable them attain success.

    Though, was only established in 2018, it has been recorded as one of the most successful education website in Nigeria. This is Uncontestably, because of its authentic and enormous success tips/information publishes for students. Samuel Edeh, the owner of, has utilize his advantage of being a student, to predict what younger students would need most. is the most authentic website for students.


  6. This is one of the oldest top education websites in Nigeria. Its authenticity is undoubtedly certain. does not only disseminate school news, they help students pass prominent examinations here in Nigeria and even internationally has a CBT resource (Computer Base Test), that helps students prepare enormously for prominent examinations in Nigeria. Such as: JAMB examination, WAEC examination, NECO Examination and others.

    Believe me, for to be listed here, as one of the authentic education website in Nigeria, then it really what it. 


  8. is one of the biggest E-learning websites in Nigeria. This website allow students to learn with the required online resource they need and even gives teachers the opportunity to network with students online. is authentic, reliable and dependable. The website has been on in Nigeria for some years now, and it has greatly contributed to the success of education in Nigeria.


  10. Apparently, is another stupendous project by Isaac Inegbenehi (owner and author). It is one of the most prominent and most reputable education website in Nigeria. has successfully won the heart of thousands of students and even graduates through its comprehensive articles. One striking fact about Isaac's website, is that his article are focused on providing for the needs of his audience and not for himself.


  12. It was originally established to disseminate news from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). But just recently, it joined other top education websites in the dissemination of general school news in Nigeria.

    Even though is carrying the the generally known abridged name of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, it also discuss issues concerning other universities in Nigeria. This website is another place to get authentic education news in Nigeria. They publish school admission news, scholarship news, Examination news and most especially, news from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


  14. If you have been using Google for your educational research works before, then you are likely to know this great website/blog. has been recognized by google, as one of those website with good content for students, and for the public at large. It is mainly focused on news disseminating. does not only disseminate education news, they make sure their users don't get confused by the news they shear. 


  16. is another respected and reputable education website in Nigeria. This website has made it possible for students to know the latest scholarship programs available in Nigeria, and sometimes in the world. This website has been the best in providing students with the latest scholarship program they can apply for, and how they can also apply for the scholarship.


  18. is a Nigerian education website, aimed at bringing to the notice of everyone in Nigeria, the latest happening from all the Universities in Nigeria. is one of the most fascinating and authentic education websites in Nigeria. It is really a place for students to visit.


  20. Currently school news on one of the best education websites in Nigeria. It was founded by Sirbright. Currentschoolnews is sole bent on disseminating authentic education information such as scholarship, JAMB, WAEC, NECO, University and Polytechnic News in Nigeria. When it comes to fast shear of school news, current school news is the best.


  22. Believe me, if you have not visited this website before, then you probably have not searched any education query on Google before. 

    Just like, is also a fast growing education blog created by Sonehe Saheed. Well, I didn't wrote this blog here because it is very popular, but because it is very authentic. I have been reading articles from this blog for some time now, so, have no fear, they are good and authentic.


  24. In Nigeria, you seldom find education websites that provides information on scholarships for students. You only find websites/blogs that disseminate news on JAMB/WAEC/Post UTME. is very outstanding because, it does not do what other blogs does. This has uncontestably been the secret behind it popularity in the blogging world. Scholarship-nigeria is prestigious and equally authentic. So, if you are searching for any information on scholarship programs, then you can try visiting


  26. is a forum and a blog as well. It is also among those awesome blogs in Nigeria that are highly recognized by students. One striking advantage of being a visitor of, is that it offers its viewer the opportunity to create an account with them, join other students in their forum, thus making it possible for users to ask any question and interact with other users.


  28. If you have been searching for a website to feed you with the latest education news in Nigeria, then you have just found one. is another stupendous and comfortable place every student should be., has over the last few years, involved in tiding students who are bewildered on how to go about their education success. There is absolutely no doubt about their originality. Thanks to their administrators.


  30. Unlike other websites, that are only specialise in disseminating news to students, has made it incumbent on theirselves to provide not only news updates, but essential tips to users through their great articles. Trust me, is reliable, authentic and responsive. You can check on them yourself.


  32. is another superb education website in Nigeria for students. They share news from all tertiary institutions in Nigeria to visitors. Allschool also  share News on JAMB, POST UTME, NYSC, scholarships and other education related information to its visitors. Indeed they are superb.


  34. is one of the most visited education website in Nigeria. For the short time the site has existed, it has contributed enormously to the education system of Nigeria. It is aimed at providing useful and valuable information about school admission, scholarships, study abroad and more to students at all levels of education.


  36. is an Educational Blog founded and funded by an ambitious citizen of Nigeria. The website was designed to help Nigerian students with latest education information regarding their schools of choice and other useful guides for academic success.


  38. is another powerful website for every student in Nigeria. They provides coherent and consistent guides to students on how to prepare and pass notable examinations in Nigeria. also disseminate vital information and News to students. This is with the aim of improving education in Nigeria.


  40. The authenticity of this website is insuperable. is noted for its fast information disseminating. For the past few years the website has existed, it has made a great impact on it visitors and on the general public at large.

    Believe me,  Educacinfo is authentic and superb. It also one of the most visited education websites in Nigeria. You can check on them yourself.
Okay, these websites are the best education websites in Nigeria, you can check them out yourself. They are the top 20 authentic, prestigious  and most visited websites for learning, fact finding, news update and success tutorials for students in Nigeria.