Apparently, many students have been longing to know the best and most pronounced courses to study in Nigeria universities, and that, I will shear with you today. The courses listed below, are the most prestigious and lucrative courses any one can study in Nigeria. This is to enable students choose the best courses.

I will take them in a count down.
so let get started!


best courses in the universities, Best courses in the University


Political science is one of the hot cakes among all the courses in Nigeria. In this course, you learn basically "politics". Political science is not only a hot cake course, but also a lucrative one as well.

A political science students is thought, the difference governing systems, to think like a good politician, and to be a good politician. If any student graduates as a political science graduate, he/she will be capable of taking up any government portfolio, if legally recognised.

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Many a time, I have seen students who has vow never to study mass communication, but it will shock you today, as I announce to you, that mass communication, though looked down on by most people in Nigeria, is also a hot cake course.

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Mass communication, just like political science, is also lucrative (if you study hard). Even though gaining admission to study the course is quite easy, to compare with others higher courses like Law,  Medicine etc.

So, if you are actually reading this, and you are searching for a good course to study, then you can give mass communication a try.


The world is becoming more fascinating, everybody is now looking for a computer to help them do their jobs. For this reason, Computer Engineers are now among the most respected people in the world.

Computer engineering thought underrated by many uneducated persons, still remain one of the best courses anyone can study. so, If are searching for a good course to study, then computer engineering is a good one.


This is another stupendous course for students who are in social science department during their secondary education. one striking thing about accounting as a course is that, graduates of the course, are chanced to work in any aspect of the society.

Accounting has a lesser course duration, unlike medicine and Law. More so, accounting just like chemical and petroleum engineering, has an enormous element of mathematics. so, only students who are good in mathematics can study this course.


Economics is another course of high prestige. A graduate of Economics can work absolutely in every sector of the country. Economics is one of the hot cake courses in Nigeria universities. This is basically because of the profitable nature of the course.

Economists, are generally regarded as "all round people", because they can work in any sector of the country. Economics equally has a low course duration and as such, it is an ideal for students who want to study one of the most prestigious courses in the University, with less duration.

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This is another lucrative course that deals mainly with drug production, consumption, distribution and regulation. A pharmacy student can work with any drug organization in Nigeria E.g NAFDAC, NDLEA etc.

It is very lucrative and also easy to get a job after studying in the University.


This is another hot course in Nigeria universities. Chemical and petroleum engineering has to do with a lot of mathematics, and as such, only students who are good in mathematics study the course.

Chemical and petroleum engineering is also very lucrative, when you are good at it. You could be given a contract that worth millions of dollar at a particular time, and that alone can change your life for ever.


When I say medicine, I don't mean those patent drug sellers in your neighborhood. Any person who studied Medicine in the University, and has graduated, is referred to as a medical doctor.

Medicine has been seen as one of the most profitable courses in Nigeria, because a good number of graduates of this course often get employed immediately after their university education. So,  Medicine will be a stupendous idea  for students.

1. LAW

Law is precisely the most prestigious art course any one can study in Nigeria. It is one of those courses with the highest study duration (I.e 5 years in the University and an additional 1 year in the Nigeria law school), because the course is very voluminous and debilitating.

 People who study law, are often seen as the most respected people in the society because their field of study covers all part of the human society.


The above courses are the best 10 courses any one can study in Nigeria universities. There are also many other good courses one can study in Nigeria, but believe me, the courses mentioned above are the best and most pronounced courses anyone can study in Nigeria.