Apparently, polytechnics are prevalently underrated in Nigeria. It has been so obscure to the extent that some business organizations in Nigeria, find it difficult to employ graduates of polytechnics, because they assumes that graduates of polytechnics are low-class educated people. But that notwithstanding, today I will disclose the top advantages of schooling in a polytechnic. As it is rightly said, "everything with a disadvantage, has an advantage too". So,  the question is, 
advantages of schooling in a polytechnic

  • Conducive leaning Environment

There is no doubt, that almost all the polytechnics in Nigeria are of good and conducive learning environment. This has enormously contributed to the good-will of polytechnics in some part of Nigeria, because learning can only be fostered when a good and conducive learning environment is assured. One thing I can vouch of, in almost every polytechnic in Nigeria is an awesome learning experience, and this has been as a result of the good and conducive learning environment they provide.

  • Segment of program

While other tertiary institutions will engage their students in a 4-5 year program at a time, polytechnics, segments the program (Two years National Diploma and another two years Higher National Diploma), given it's students a time for respite, during which they can decide whether or not to further their education. Last few years, I had this good friend of mine, who went to the polytechnic of Ibadan. He obtained his 2years ND certificate there, but decided afterwards, not to further his education for the main time.

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Just last year,  he told me he will be going back to school, to obtain his HND certificate. On hearing this, I was surprise. Believe me, only polytechnics does this in Nigeria.

  • Polytechnics fosters the practical kind of teaching

Students who attend polytechnics are not just thought to know, they are thought to do. Polytechnics allow students to face the practical experience of what they are been thought, and not just having the theoretical aspect up stairs. This is one of the greatest advantage polytechnics have over many other institutions in Nigeria.

  • Polytechnics allows for the development of entrepreneurship skills

Polytechnics are one of those institutions that develops the entrepreneurship skills of its students. This is because they are focused on the practical type of teaching as opposed to the theoretical. So far,  I will say that, polytechnics are one of the top tertiary institution that has helped in alleviating poverty and has fostered self-employment in Nigeria. If you have critically examined the youths we have in Nigeria, you will definitely find out that majority of them who are self-employed are products of one polytechnic or the other.

  • Lesser school fee

Another good advantage of schooling in a polytechnic is that, you pay a very low amount of money as school fee. Believe me, there are some polytechnics in Nigeria that pay as low as 10-15 thousand Naira as school fee. This advantage has made polytechnics the best option for students who have very low economics power to further their schooling to the tertiary level.

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Polytechnics in Nigeria, has successfully given hope to students who had never thought of furthering their education. Since the fee to study in a polytechnic is less and affordable, students quickly get engaged with the intention of completing their studies some day.

Final Words

With the cogent advantages conspicuously enumerated above, one can assert that polytechnics are good idea for students, and should no longer be underrated in Nigeria. However, this does not mean that polytechnics are better than a universities.