JAMB examination is one of those tedious examinations in Nigeria that often scare students. This is apparently because questions asked in the examination are often convoluted, coupled with the fact that the examination is also a Computer Based Test (CBT).

For this reason, i made this tutorial to help students prepare and pass JAMB examination with at least 300 as their JAMB grade. Yes!, scoring 300 and above is very possible if you have the right tips for it. Today, i will be discussing those right tips to pass excellently in the impending JAMB examination. So, you read painstakingly, as i tide you over.
How To Prepare and Pass jamb examination

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Below are guides to prepare and pass JAMB examination:

  1. Demise your fear and tension.
  2. Set a score for yourself.
  3. Prepare a study timetable.
  4. Get the right materials.
  5. Read assiduously with your timetable.
  6. Read through lines.
  7. Study past JAMB questions.
  8. Practice time management.
  9. Join study groups.
  10. Differentiate similar words/topic.
  11. Plan your subjects.
  12. Understand questions.
  13. Invite God.
  14. Understand what you are reading.
Okay, in other to give a clearer picture of the above tips, I will explicitly discuss each of them below.
  1. Demise your fear and tension

  2. One important fact, many Jamb candidate don't understand is that, any examination written in fear and tension, is already a failed one. If you really want to make a good and excellent grade in  the impending JAMB examination, then you must first of all, nullify all forms fear and tension in you.

    I am understand how tensed you are. Especially, now that the examination is fast approaching. But then, you must learn to end that tension and fear. Tell yourself that you must pass the examination no matter what. Stare up your ambitiousness for success, and promise yourself not to fail. If you have successfully done this, then congratulations, cause you are already halfway to your your success in the examination.

  3. Set a score for yourself

  4. Setting a score for yourself before JAMB examination is also a very helpful tip, to pass JAMB UTME examination. It will help to foster your ambitiousness, and conforms you to read harder in other to achieve your desired score. However, this is only tentative if you take it very serious. Some years ago, when i was about to take my own JAMB UTME examination, i told myself that I won't score any thing less than 300. I made sure I strictly kept my dream consolidated by working hard. And eventually, I had 280 in the examination that year. So you see, setting a score for yourself will help. But remember, it only helps if you work towards it. 

  5. Prepare a study timetable

  6. Just as I pointed out in one of my articles titled "how to pass WAEC examination" it is very key to create a reading/study timetable in cases like this. Apparently, all JAMB candidate are expected to take four(4) subjects in the JAMB UTME examination and as such, it is important to make sure, that your timetable cover all your four subjects, everyday, so that you don't send too much time on a particular subject.

    However, this will also depend on the time you have left before the examination starts. Most of you are only reading this, few weeks to your examination. But that notwithstanding, no time is too late. You can still make things up, if you are really enthusiastic to do well in the examination.

  7. Get the right material

  8. If you have read any copy of JAMB previous syllabus, then you must have noticed that after every subject's syllabus, a list of recommended books are highlighted to help students prepare for that particular subject. But even after seeing these recommended text from JAMB, some students still take them trivial.

    Now, if you don't know, JAMB usually ask questions from these recommended text. They have noticed that students don't read their recommendations, and have device new ways to tackle the problem. What they do now, is that they ask word to word questions from their recommended text, and if you fall victim of not reading their text, you might likely get confused with the way their questions will be presented. So, it is always advised to get the recommended text and materials as stated by JAMB and read them assiduously before reading other text. However, it is worthy to know that you must not get all the recommended text listed in the syllabus, you can get those which you find more important.

  9. Read assiduously

  10. If you have finished constructing your reading timetable and getting the recommended text stated by JAMB, then it is time to start a voracious reading. Note that you don't read for JAMB, the same way you read for other examinations, since JAMB is strictly a CBT examination (Computer Based Test), with objective question only. I recommend you read with the aim of understanding and grabbing the main ideas in all the topics you go through. This is because JAMB questions are often aimed at knowing if a candidate really has an in depth knowledge of a particular topic.

  11. Read through lines

  12. Reading through the lines of your books, helps you get more detailed information about a particular topic in your book. Like I said before, reading for UTME examination, is different from reading for other examinations. it is important you not only start reading assiduously, but reading through lines the lines of your books. JAMB is never going to ask you to define Democracy. They will never ask you to explain a concept or term, this why you are advised to read through the lines of your books, get detailed information about what you have read, and learn the key differences between similar concepts.

  13. Study past questions

  14. I have been able to go through many JAMB questions in the past, and one of the important things I found out was that JAMB often repeat their questions (students who have written UTME examination before can wholesomely attest of this). Sometimes, the new questions JAMB set for candidates, are only 20%, and the rest will be collected from the previously asked ones. More so, it is also important to read your textbooks and your notebooks for more comprehensive detail on those unintelligible topics.
    Bonus tip:
    Read your note books very well, if you have enough time to prepare for the examination. But if you do not have enough time to do that, I will advise you just study your past questions assiduously.

  15. Practice time management

  16. As of now, JAMB set 120 questions (60 question for English and 40 for your other three subjects), and expect you to answer them in a very short period of time. This is why it is important you learn how to manage your time very well. Make sure you plan your subject and maximise your time very well. I don't  advise any student/candidate to spend more than 2minutes in any question. And in cases where you don't understand a question, It is advised you skip that question to another one, to avoid waste of time and marks. 
  17. Join study groups

  18. Another excellent tip to help you prepare and pass JAMB examination excellently is to join study groups. This is a very essential and important tip. Sometimes you learn unscrupulous things when you are thought by other people. This is the reason why i recommend that every person who want to do very well in JAMB examination join study groups, as it will help them in realising this dream of theirs. As a matter of fact, I was part of an online study group when I wrote my JAMB Examination 2017. And i can boldly tell you that it was helpful. So, i highly advice you join a study group.

  19. Differentiate similar words/topics

  20. This is another important secret to pass JAMB UTME examination. JAMB no longer ask cheap questions, they now ask questions that are capable of getting you perplexed. Take for instance, a question might come this way:
    The system of Government that allows for the concentration of power in a single central government is ________
    (a) Unitary
    (b) Fascism
    (c) Communism
    (d) Socialism 
    In questions like this, it is very difficult to make a choice as both Unitary and fascism are similar but only students/candidates who have read assiduously and have known the difference between fascism, totalitarianism and unitary system of government, can boldly tell that the answer is unitary. So my dear, it is important to know the differences or difference between concepts, words or topics in your note books to help you pass JAMB examination.

  21. Plan your subjects

  22. When I say you should plan your subjects, I mean you should before your examination date, arrange your subjects in the way you will like to answer them. JAMB is a CBT (Computer Based Test), with limited time for candidates to answer their questions. Therefore, it is very important to plan your subjects, as it will help you save more time, and reduce the chance of you getting confused. Please make sure you answer or attend to cheaper questions first. 

  23. Understand questions

  24. One thing is to read for examination, another thing is to answer questions during examinations. For you to answer any question in UTME examination, you must first of all understand that question. Permit me to let you know that, JAMB are really sorting ways to throw some students/candidates out,  as there are about 5,000 candidates that register for the examination every year. So what they do to achieve this, is to set more convoluted questions that candidates will seldom understand. This is why I also advise that you learn to understand questions, because they are very pivotal for passing JAMB examination.

  25.  Invite God 

  26. Inviting God to see you through your UTME examination, is another inevitable tool to make a good JAMB result. Over the years, it has been reported that many candidates fail JAMB examination not because they didn't prepared very well for the examination,  but because of some unprecedented factors that wasn't actually their fault. E.g Power failure, wrong questions etc. There are many unforeseen errors that can take place during JAMB examination, and these errors are capable of causing a student/candidate great damages. This is the main reason why you need God to guide you.
  27. Understand when you are reading

  28. Another superb tip to help you prepare and pass jamb examination is to understand when reading. Yeah, it is true that jamb is a CBT examination, but that does not override the fact that you have to understand what you are reading.

    Some students think that they can pass jamb examination by knowing all the keywords in their material; but like i have said, it does not always work that way. You have to understand everything you read. That way, you will be able to pass JAMB examination without any problem.

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Other Important tips for success

  • It is also pertinent to familiarise yourself with your JAMB examination center before the stipulated date for the examination. Make sure you appear at your exam center at least one hour to the start time of the examination. This will also help to calm you down and reduce fear/tension.
  • Finally make sure you are not mentally stressed before your examination date. I am sure many candidate will not want to sleep that night before their examination date. But believe me, that can make you mentally disordered, thus making it impossible for you to even understand questions in the hall. So, please make sure you are well relaxed, and if possible refresh your memory when you wake up by revising your books.
Having read all these guilds, I believe you will be able pass with at least 300 in the impending JAMB examination if you work towards making them pragmatic. Don't allow anyone scare you. JAMB examination is not too difficult. It only demand some level of hardworking, and your success will be sure.