WACE Examination is one of the most prominent examination in Nigeria. WAEC examination is inversely compulsory for any student in Ghana, Seira Leone, Nigeria and even Gambia to further their education to the tertiary level. I have written so many articles about WAEC examination. For example, last week i wrote an article titled; "Every thing you need to know WAEC examination". And about a month ago, i answered the question as to whether WAEC examination is difficult or easy.

Nonetheless, in today's article, I will be writing comprehensively on how to prepare and pass WAEC examination.  So, if you want prepare and pass WAEC examination successful, here is a superb article to help you do that. 


This how to prepare and pass WAEC examination:
  • Don't be scared
  • Be determined to pass
  • Construct a reading timetable
  • Set grades for yourself
  • Study past questions
  • Read voraciously
  • Don't Engage In Malpractice
  • Obey simple Instructions

For the purpose of giving a comprehensive and detailed information on the various tips highlighted above, i will discuss each of them below.

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  • Don't be scared

    If you are scared because someone told you that WAEC examination is difficult, then you are already building a foundation for your failure in the examination. WAEC Examination isn't as difficult as many people have exaggerated it to be. Fear destroys your ambitiousness and enthusiasm to pass the examination. Thus, you make it less possible for you to pass the examination. If you really want to prepare and pass WAEC examination, then you should obliterate your fears. This is the first and most foundamental step to take, if you really want a stupendous result in WAEC examination.

  • Be determined to pass

    Determination is another good tip to help you prepare properly for WAEC examination. If you want to pass WAEC examination, you ought to be very much determined to make good grades. It will be very difficult to pass any examination without first, making up your mind to pass the exam. Determination does more than just instigating the enthusiasm and ambitiousness you need to pass WAEC examination, it helps you obliterate fear and inculcate a pessimistic notion towards the examination in you.

  • Construct a reading timetable
    A timetable is also needed to prepare properly for WAEC examination. While constructing your timetable, you must ensure that more time is provided to your core or main subjects. For instance, if you want to study law, your time table should provide at least 2 hours each to your core five subjects (I.e English, Mathematics, Literature, CRS/IRS and Government). Doing this will help you to pass excellently with better grades on those your core subjects, as passing them is compulsory. However, you still have to make out time to study other subjects. 

    Apart from the fact that constructing a timetable help to keep you organise, it also help you cover all the recommended topic before the day of your examination.

    Bonus Tips: 
    Ensure that you have at least 70% of the recommended text and materials you need to prepare properly for the examination, and read them relentlessly.
  • Set grades for yourself
    Sometimes, it is very important to set grades for yourself, and follow them up with voracious reading. This is another stupendous tip to prepare properly for WAEC examination. Even if you eventually, don't meet up with the grades, the differences between them will be very less. Setting a grade for yourself before examination, conforms you to work hard; towards making the intended scores you want. On this note, it is right to say that setting or predicting a grade for yourself to meet, is another good way to prepare for WAEC examination.

  • Study past questions

    After my research on how I could make WAEC examination less complex for every candidates, I found out that WAEC often repeat their questions. And this is apparently another superb secret to prepare for WAEC examination, but many candidate don't know about it. There is one main reason why it is essential to study past WAEC past questions viz:
    It helps you understand how questions are asked
    Believe me, if you study past questions assiduously, you can make "Cs" in WAEC examination even without your textbooks. This is because, most WAEC questions are picked from the previously asked ones. However, I didn't say reading your textbooks and notebooks are needless, I am only trying to establish the reason why reading past questions is key. So, you are expected to read everything (Including your notebooks and textbooks).

  •  Read voraciously
    Yes, this is another important preparation tip to pass WAEC examination. You cannot pass WAEC examination with good grades, except you read voraciously and on time. Reading it the key to every academic examination. The importance of reading cannot be overemphasized. Thus, to get yourself fortified for WAEC examination; you must read voraciously. WAEC is not a first, second or third term examination. It is not a school examination. It is an examination that test students on everything they learned during their secondary school education. This is the key reason why reading relentless is very paramount for candidates who want to pass excellently for WAEC examination.

  •  Don't engage in malpractice


    Believe me, if you intend to engage in examination malpractice in the impending WAEC examination, you are likely not to pass the examination. Yes, this is absolutely true. WAEC has gone a long way to make sure that they drastically reduce examination malpractice to its lowest level.

    Thus, engaging in malpractice is just like jeopardising your success in the examination. I personally don't advise any candidate to engage in malpractice, as it is likely to do more harm than good to that candidate. So, if you have been thinking of joining any malpractice group, you really have to demise that intention today. 

  •  Obey simple instructions
    Sometimes what disqualifies a WAEC candidate is not the inability to answer questions, but the inability to follow common instructions while answering questions. There are many instructions candidates writing WAEC examination, are expected to adhere to. One of the most observed one is that, a WAEC candidate is not allowed to write in the margin line of his/her answer sheets.

    If you fail to adhere to this instruction, and insist on write on it, your success in that subject becomes a probability. This is because, the person who will mark your script may decide to score you very low because of it.

    There are many other instructions WAEC candidates are expected to adhere to. But all I want you to understand is that, reading instructions before answering questions is very essential, as failure to read them, may totally jeopardised your success in that examination.

  • Another tip to help you get prepared excellently for WAEC Examination, is to join educative groups or lessons. This is really a helpful guild as it will give you the opportunity to network with other WAEC candidate.
  • It is worthwhile that you pray to God; so that he will help you pass excellently in the examination. However, this does not mean you shouldn't read hard. Note that your success is in your own hands.

Okay, above are all the preparation tips to helps you succeed in the impending WAEC examination. These guides have been tested by past WAEC candidates, and majority of them have testified that they are really tentative. I hope they will help you prepare excellently for WAEC examination. Thanks you!